New Backlinks Plugin For WordPress SEO

I noticed some new activity in the wordpress support forum for the thread: SEO Your WordPress Blog (some good info linked to in there).

A new plugin was announced:

Count inbound links: backlinks wordpress plugin

Backlinks draws a nice graph that shows how your number of inbound links develop over time using the MSN Search API together with nuSOAP to count the backlinks

You’ll need a MSN Search Application ID (just login with your MSN passport/hotmail info).

I installed this plugin a few minutes ago so it’s too early for me to say how well this works, but it was a simple install – drop it in your plugins folder, add your MSN ID and bam! You’re rolling.

Give it a shot if you’re interested in your backlink growth (or non-growth). Surely I can’t be the only person obsessed with backlinks :grin:.


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2 thoughts to “New Backlinks Plugin For WordPress SEO”

  1. Hello dude, just wondering how you find the plugin? also, I’ve made some updates to make link count more accurate, work in early php versions and some other bug fixes.

    Take care, gdymov

  2. Hi gdymov, I find the plugin works just fine. I do have to update it though, I think I still have the first release and I see you’ve made some improvements to it.

    You’ve done a nice job :).

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