Happy Link Love Day

First off a happy blog anniversary mention:

I’ve been following Wil’s blog for several months and grabbed his feed for my squidoo lens: Get Paid. FreeCashSpace is off the beaten track for affiliate marketing, but I find some freebies, apps and neat money/savings/deals stuff through Wil’s blog–so I enjoy it :). If I get that free USB stick from Microsoft in the mail, I’m so gonna thank Wil for that heads up!

I also put together some WordPress kick butt resources on Squidoo you may want to bookmark for reference: WordPress Goodies. Different tools and information on how to optimize your blog, plus the main WordPress links (codex, theme viewer, etc.).

And thanks to these fine folks who thought I had a thing or two worth linking to lately. Getting links isn’t so easy in this crazy blog arena, so I truly appreciate each and every one!

Diggers Realm
Revenue Today
5 Star Affiliate Blogs

And some fine blogs that haven’t sent me a link, at all, in any way shape or form…dammit…but really enjoy:

The Hathor Legacy
Discussion how women are portrayed in film and media

They had me hooked on the diary entries lol

Crazy Aunt Purl
I don’t knit – but this blogger has one heck of a personality. You just can’t help yourself and follow her postings regularly

I realize they’re totally off topic for this blog, but nothing wrong with mixing things up a bit once in awhile :P.

Check the blogs out yourself, you may find one or two that float your boat. Enjoy your day!


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2 thoughts to “Happy Link Love Day”

  1. thanks for the link, you’r always worth linking too!

    And thanks for the post yesterday as well… “fox in the hen house”. I was never conscious of that before.

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