Using A USB Hard Drive – Back Up Computer & Files

When you have 2 gigs of ebooks sitting on your computer that you don’t want to lose – what do you do?

Or gigs and gigs of software programs – and their backups.

Websites, databases, script programs – and their backups.

I was really at a loss as to what the best, most workable method for me would be. And since I’m a tightwad – it had to be economical as well.

Disks and CDs drive me crazy. For one thing – I hate digging through my mile high disk pile trying to find the one I’m looking for. Plus I wasn’t very ‘up-to-date’ on my CD burning.

For awhile I was uploading everything to a hosting account of mine that has a crazy amount of space (cheap too!). But that gets interesting when you’re doing weekly backups of your account. And tiresome when trying to upload/download large files. Even though the files were kept private – I think I was breaking some copyright rules by storing this stuff on the web.

I wasn’t interested in a tape backup system. Or adding another hard drive to my computer. My computer’s a few years old now. Still running fast & furious – but I don’t want to put any money into upgrades.

So when I was at the computer shop getting my son’s computer upgraded a few weeks ago (darn gamers are needy) and saw a 40GB USB Hard Drive on for $100 (Canadian) — I snagged it.

It’s small & easy to handle since it’s just a few inches in size – 3″ x 5″ aluminum case. I just plug it into my USB Hub and voila! I now have 40 gigs waiting to be filled.

Storing and retrieving files with a USB Hard Drive is just like working with a floppy or cd. Plus if you need something portable to carry your files around – this couldn’t be simpler.

And I like the leather pocket it came with too :).

If you’re worried about computer crashes eating your files –the big what if– picking up a USB Hard Drive for yourself may be just the ticket you’re looking for.


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