Todd Crawford Leaving Commission Junction

IMO Todd Crawford had one heck of a rough job. Part of what Todd dealt with was frontline for CJ. Dealing with cranky, angry affiliates…who wanted clear answers from Commission Junction. I’d say 99.9% of the affiliate concerns were justified.

Rock…Hard Place

But I think he did a fine job most of the time. He did a much better job than I would have. In fact I probably would have had a keg tapped right beside my computer/desk. And I’m not a drinker.

Thanks to Beth over at Revenews for the heads up: Todd Crawford, Vice President of Sales at Commission Junction Moves on to Find a New Challenge

Crawford has been a driving force behind Commission Junction since 1998 and helped Commission Junction become a dominate player in the affiliate marketing network space.

That’s a long time in the game and he surely did have an impact on CJ and where it’s at today.

Congratulations Todd & good luck/good fortune on your next conquest.


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