How To Get Your Website Accepted Into More Directories

Submitting websites to free directories may be a dying method of link building, but I still do it. And I operate a few directories myself. Does it help with Google? Who knows. Who cares. Not only are there are other search engines that drive traffic, some directories actually provide traffic themselves.

I’m struggling to keep the directories I run as free submissions. I’d guess that I’m approving approximately 2 submissions for every 100 I receive. If that. I think that’s being overly optimistic.

That’s a lot of time spent deleting links.

Here are a few tips that may help you stop wasting your time submitting to directories that never seem to approve your submissions.

  • Read the submission guidelines. And then follow them.
  • Submit your website to the most appropriate category. A site offering wedding favors *does not* belong in the Business category.
  • Try restraining yourself and not go keyword crazy in the title field. Is ‘wedding favors’ or ‘wedding favors shower gifts’ a valid website title? How about Exquisite Wedding Favors.
  • Get rid of all the popups and flashing banners and download prompts.
  • Try something a step above a 100% amazon product datafeed filled website. Get a little daring and a tad crazy – mix it up a bit and add some unique content.
  • Adsense filled page 50% – 100% above fold is usually a red flag for danger and scraped content.
  • When the submission guidelines state ‘English Only’ – that means the websites must be in english.
  • Don’t submit individual pages or subdomains unless the directory allows it. You’re wasting everyone’s time (including yours) by submitting every single page of your website.

As a directory owner, here’s my routine:

  • Delete every submission in the wrong category – without viewing website submitted.
  • Delete every submission with inappropriate website title – without viewing website submitted.
  • Delete every submission that is not the main domain only. Every page, every subdomain, every folder – it’s all deleted. Without viewing website submitted.

Then I:

  • Turn off popup blocker and visit the websites. Pops – deleted.
  • See mostly adsense without scrolling – deleted.
  • Right click, Select All, find hidden links or keywords – deleted.
  • Look for resources or links pages. Any links to sites that have to do with gambling, diet pills, porn, yada yada – deleted.

Those are just a few things I look for – can’t give away all the goods :lol:. But the biggest tip I can give is to really take the directory submission guidelines seriously, go as deep as you can in the categories, and you should have better luck building some links for yourself.

The biggest tip I can give is to really take the directory submission guidelines seriously…


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