Affiliate Programs That Pay By PayPal

Each month I make enough in PayPal to cover hosting costs and a little extra. I’d like to bump up my PayPal income so that I have a lot extra :grin:.

Do you have any recommendations or suggestions of affiliate programs that pay commissions by PayPal?

So far I have:

Elegant WordPress Themes
eMax Hosting
OIO Publisher
Max Bounty: Webmasters – EARN CASH

You can either submit them as a comment (below) or send me a note here if you’d rather.

Feel free to include your affiliate links.

Your comment will probably hit moderation because of the links – just submit once and I’ll get it up as soon as I can.

Note: If you submit an affiliate program that’s already been submitted, I’ll edit that link out so there aren’t multiple listings for one program.

Note #2: Please don’t link to an affiliate program directory or a page listing recommended affiliate programs – just link to the affiliate program itself. Thanks :).

Thanks for any suggestions!


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