Check Out My Google Stats

Here are this month’s stats for one of my bitty affiliate sites:

Yahoo 1339
MSN 541
Overture 18
AltaVista 14
Unknown search engines 6
Ask Jeeves 6
Dogpile 6
AllTheWeb 5
Excite 3
Google 1
Mamma 1
MetaCrawler (Metamoteur) 1
WISENut 1 1
Jubii 1

No, that’s not a typo. Google has sent me one visitor. And no the site is not banned or grey barred.

One thing I promised myself when I started online was not to drive myself crazy with this affiliate and traffic stuff. I mean if I stop laughing at my dazzling non-seo-abilities and stop having fun with this and stress out over everything I’m not that great at – it’s time to pack up, unplug and go home.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m totally serious about making money online. But I also know there is more than one way to skin a cat. Google is not required to make a buck or two online.

Marketing is.

And while I’m figuring all this stuff out – MSN and Yahoo are cooperating with me a bit better than Google. I appreciate that ;).

Sidenote: Yes I lmao every time Google coughs up a scraper (or two or three) in its serps rather than my affiliate sites. Nothing but quality and class. Ah well. At least the scrapers send me traffic :lol:.


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