Do You Boost The Juice To Sites That Link To You?

There’s a site I’ve been taking my time building over the past year that has very little traffic atm. A site that some would call: Well Below The Radar :lol:.

I’ve been noticing something interesting though. Aside from the standard scraper sites linking to this little known and tucked away gem, there are a few links pointing to it – links that I didn’t hustle for.

Knowing how hard it is to get a webmaster to throw a link your way unless there’s ‘something in it for them’, I got a little curious as to why.

I did a little digging and found something interesting. The sites that are linking to me are affiliated in some way with websites that I’ve linked to. Some of the content on my website is from reprint articles (no it’s not a splog). The websites linking to me aren’t linked to from the articles I posted, but seem to be affiliated in some way. Which gave me a big ‘aha’ moment.

When you boost the juice or the ‘link power’ or ‘credibility’ of a site that links to you – not only does that website benefit, but you benefit too because the link pointing to your site is juicier than before.

Make sense?

Here are some methods to try:

  • Write articles with your websites in the article resource box as usual, but throw a link within the article body to the site you want juiced up.
  • Mention the site and link to it in a blog post.
  • Link to the site as a suggested resource somewhere on another website of yours – like a link exchange page or an article that you posted or a regular content page.
  • Mention it on a niche forum if the thread is on topic.
  • Bookmark the page that links to you in one of the social bookmarking sites (like, furl, digg, etc.)

As we all know – it’s all about the links baby. Throwing links to sites that link to you not only helps with search engines, but the eyeballs that go with it.


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