Shady Sites Cloaking My Blog’s Name & Domain – Wonder Why?

A little while ago I did a google search for – Find web pages that contain the term “” – and came across some strange stuff towards the last few pages of results.

There are several websites that are doing something weird:

“” serps – Starting Page 5

Beginning halfway down the page (page 5 of serps), you’ll start noticing drug and gambling type sites containing the term

I’ll visit those pages and 9.99 out of 10 times – there’s nothing on there stating

I’ll View Source – Sometimes is there, most times not

I’ll View Cache (if possible) – Same thing

I’ll View Cache View Source (if possible) – Ooops there it is

Most don’t have cached pages though so it’s not possible to take a look.

I don’t get it? These are drugs, gambling and sometimes more ‘adult’ type websites. Not a thing to do with my kind of content. Why on earth are they pulling into hidden and/or cloaked code?

Anyone have any ideas?

I’ve been reporting the sites slowly but surely to the engines and will continue to do so – but I’m curious as to what’s up. I’m going to send a note to SpamHuntress, she may have a clue as to what these guys are up to.

I’ve got a notepage with some domains to do some backlink checking. Not sure if it will help, but I’m curious as to who’s involved.


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7 thoughts to “Shady Sites Cloaking My Blog’s Name & Domain – Wonder Why?”

  1. Very weird.

    Check this site:

    Then search the site for superaff.

    You’ll find several instances that are nearly invisible. IE you won’t see them until you search for them. White text on extremely light blue background. And the domain is in the search field as well.

    I checked in the search field, and that produces a page with the same treatment for

    But the page I landed at was not a search URL, but a page.

    Then I did a control test. I searched for a phrase that was on the page at the time of Google’s cache, and searched Google for it. I then clicked on the link to the page, and this time the search terms were highlighted the same way superaff was.

    There’s a script on the page that does this, and it uses the referrer to determine what to display.

    The term Affiliate Marketing Gab was included on the page at one time, with the link to superaff.

    Looks like they’re cloaking. If you even see the source of the page, you’ll see a lot of text. And this time it’s about Cialis. But that’s not visible if you visit with a browser.

    But at some point, there was a link or some text referencing your site at that page. When you first get into scraper directories, you usually get into several. My guess is you’ll find a similar layout on the pages you do find this way…

  2. Wow you’re fast SpamHuntress! đŸ˜†

    Thanks for checking that out for me.

    I’m going to gather a bunch of info and submit it to all three engines for them to check out because I’m not interested in my blog being caught up in this crap. I’ll be watching more closely for this now that I have an idea what’s going on.

    I’ve been doing a bit of whois and backlinks digging – this stuff is *crazy*.

  3. I wonder if they’re trying to boost their sites with good PageRank sites – or sites that legitimate to promote their not so legit sites…. with cloaking and redirects?

  4. I don’t understand it all myself Empress. I know that a few links in the SERPs I click redirect to some gambling page. Maybe if I was a googlebot I’d get a different page, by the looks of the serps descriptions – I’d say yes.

    I wasn’t able to spend a whole bunch of time on this last night, but I think the real story is in the backlinks to those sites and who is feeding them links and how.

  5. Your site name appears because it was scraped, most likely. People will sometimes produce thousands of pages with a program that “scrapes” the web for content. That is why some of the sentences in the search results make no sense. They are just copied from the web and pasted onto a page. Your name got scraped and it really has nothing to do with you or your site.

    Under the theory that outbound links make your site look more authoritative, the scrapers will also build pages with outbound links on them as well. Sometimes I’ll see a bump in traffic and I’ll find that my site was scraped and added as an outbound link on a website.

  6. I admit I know zippo about scraping Steven, but why would they scrape this site for gambling and pills? And then why hide the text? It just didn’t/doesn’t make sense to me.

    My sites have been scraped for eons for on topic things, and they’re not hiding chunks of info or cloaking it. This kind of thing was really new to me.

    But I think you’re right. In this case it’s simply scrapers gone wild. I did learn a lot from this though.

    Thanks for your note Steven.

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