Karma, Spam & Tainted Online Money

If anyone of us wanted to, we could be online media moguls that make our fortunes off popped porn, parasitic downloads, ripping scripts that hijack affiliate links, click fraud – yada yada.

I mean there are A LOT of lines one could cross if fast cash was all you wanted.

But there are a lot of good reasons to not mess around with shady things. In the end – I do not want to be involved with anything that would make my son embarrassed about what his mom is up to online.

Sometimes people forget about that part – the offline world. It can catch up to you.

Slashdot report: Olympic Medalist was Spyware King

Remy writes “Seems that Australian gold medal mogulist Dale Begg-Smith is also a spyware entrepreneur. According to a report at Spam Kings, Begg-Smith has supported himself in style as president of a company responsible for generating 20,000,000 pop-ups per day, thanks to drive-by installs of spyware.

Although IMO what Begg-Smith does online has no relevance to his physical ability or his Olympic achievements – we’re getting a reminder that Karma is a bytch baby and it’s hard to scrub off taint. No matter how great your next move or achievement is.

Pretty young kid, just 21 years old.

Do you see Olympic Gold Medal Winner – or Drive By Pop Up Parasite King?

I’m not thinking about sporting events and Olympics or gold medals and hard work and talent.

I’m looking at my computer wondering if his company was responsible for that computer ‘episode’ meltdown awhile ago. ::cranky::

His confusion at all the fuss:

At his post-race press conference overnight, Begg-Smith became irritated when more questions were asked about his business. According to Canadian press reports he said: “I don’t know why we’re talking about the company. I just won Olympic gold.”

I wonder if he gets it yet?


I've been trying to find my way online for more years than I care to admit.

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  1. Ah… Karma will come and bite him in the butt! Now we know his face. đŸ˜› Seriously I’m surprised that he doesn’t realize that this is a pretty big deal – maybe because he’s “young”.

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