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Here’s an interesting new blog service in the works that will help you track blog conversations that you’re participating in or want to watch:


Our primary goal is to provide a great service to internet users, which helps them make life a little simpler and more enjoyable. More specifically, we want to help bloggers, blog commenters, and blog readers – and eventually all internet users – to make their web based conversations more pleasant, fluent and easy to follow.

More broadly, we strongly believe “web 2.0” – or whatever you want to call the great advances in communication being made possible by today’s internet and communications technologies – is all about conversation. Our goal is to optimize that conversation, and the benefits that open, efficient, and borderless conversation brings to the world.

You can add discussions from all the blogs that you wish to keep track of and then monitor the conversations from within coComment.


It’s easier to track convos this way. I know that I’ve left a comment or two on blogs and then forget to check back on that discussion.

If you’d like, you can also add some code to your own blog so that your blog visitors can see the comments you’ve been leaving on other blogs.

I haven’t decided if this is a downside or not:

Rather than visiting your blog to check on the discussion, people will just check coComment and follow from there. This could mean there’s less traffic to your blog. On the other hand, coComment makes it easier for people to keep up with what’s being discussed and may return more often to take part in the conversation.

Another question: will this be easier than subscribing to the rss comment feeds you’re interested in? I’m someone who never thinks to do that.

Also it appears you can track other people and what they’re saying where:

coComment People

Stalkers anyone? Yes I See Crazy People. A way around that would be not adding all the conversations to your account if you don’t want people stalking you. But then why have a coComment account :lol:. Defeats the purpose. Maybe there’s a private/public feature involved that you can opt for?

It’s in limited beta right now but you can submit your email to and they’ll notify you when it’s public. Or find someone who has invitation codes and get one from them (I’d be interested if you have an extra one).

The tools that are coming out for blogs are picking up speed and getting cooler as time goes on. Who knows what the blogosphere will hold a year from now!

At this point I’m afraid I’m getting a tad obsessed with the whole ‘social factor’ when trying to come up with new site ideas. It’s becoming more and more obvious that the social side of the net is where the growth explosion is happening.


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