Bernard Callebaut Chocolates – Love Them!

Chocolates by Bernard Callebaut Every year my husband comes home with my favorite Valentine’s Day present: a gift of Bernard Callebaut chocolates. It’s a tradition.

Now diamonds can be a girl’s best friend, but I’m the kinda girl that loves her exquisite chocolate. My husband appreciates that about me :lol:. And he gives a high five to Monsieur Callebaut since he makes it so gosh darn easy for me to feel spoiled.

A quote from his webpage:

“Europeans thought I was crazy to open a gourmet chocolate company for people whose only experience with chocolate was cheap candy bars,” explains Bernard. “But I always brought samples with me to North America. Everyone loved them.”

I’m glad he didn’t listen to them ;). Create something really special and above the ordinary – people will respond.

Happy Valentine’s Day and I hope you enjoyed time with your loved ones today.


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