Classified Ads Blog Style – Edgeio Coming Soon

This is interesting. There’s a new classified ad service about to launch that you can participate in through your blog.

Read more about it here:

Edgeio – The Beginning

We will find edge published listings if they include the category or tag “listing” within the post or content. The listings will be indexed through the blog’s RSS feed and aggregated with other “listings from the edge”. Users of the edgeio service will be able to search through listings and communicate directly with the publisher. Edgeio will also make aggregated listings available though a web service to other Internet sites and services that would like to include edge listings.

There is a whisper about this being an eBay Killer

It ties in with so much of the stuff that I’ve been thinking about recently – essentially that blogs are becoming the submit form for the web and that the centralized models (read: walled gardens) of old are about to be disrupted in a big way by smart aggregators.

Here’s another blog post that has its doubts: Edgio really is an Edge Case

My good mate Crocodile Dundee once famously said “That’s not a knife, this is a knife”. I keep reading all this great blog press about Edgio and all I can keep thinking is “That’s not a business model, this is a business model” and then I pull out my great big, shiny Adsense blade.

I think he’s serious about Adsense being a better business model. Although I find that disturbing (yes I’m serious), I think the concerns raised are valid.

From what I understand of it, you can post anything you want to sell on your blog, tag it for Edgio and sell directly from your blog. You pay a quarter or something every day to keep the listings at the top. I think it’s a great concept.

I’m looking forward to watching how Edgio is going to snuff out the spam-o-la. If the classifieds are going to be filled with porn, pills, casino, mortgages, credit, dating, ringtones, make a million dollars a day stuff – I think Edgio will die before its able to exhale from its first full breath.

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