Google GBuy vs. PayPal

Yes it’s creeping me out that not only will Google have dibs on search profiles and surfing habits (toolbar), website data (for those websites using analytics and/or adsense), email contents (gmail), but also spending habits and revenue/sales (GBuy).

Things going for PayPal:

  • Established as an online payment processor for several years (1998) – userbase in the millions
  • Very easy to use

vs. Google’s coup d’état:

  • Whisper the word ‘Google’ and the masses go gaga and stampede to install, upload, download, trick-out, whatever the Google treat of the moment is

I think PayPal’s in for a battle.


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4 thoughts to “Google GBuy vs. PayPal”

  1. Without a doubt, Gbuy is going to revolutionize Ecommerce. Ebay (PayPal’s owner) should take this as a direct attack and remove their advertising from Google.

  2. Good point Pete. I’m thinking though that the eBay-Google ppc relationship is mutually rewarding. I’m not so sure eBay wants to walk away from that.

  3. I am very excited at the prospect of genuine competition for Paypal. They (Paypal) have many sites up against them from angry subscribers who have been (allegedly) ripped off and caused financial distress & headaches from their arbitrary decisions and Gestapo type tactics. Hopefully this will cause them to clean up their act and “fly straight.”

  4. This seems that competitions in businesses are falling under your benefits if you’re well using this web business and focusing your efforts to do it a Do, Re, Me as the solfege goes.

    I mean that several channels to monetize a business are always good than one player.

    Note for the blogger: I hope this will not be considered spam comment, as I understand what a comment is?

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