PHP Automatic Link Checker – $10

I purchased this automatic link checker script a couple months ago and I have to tell ya – it’s slick and easy!

Softbiz Automatic Link Checker Script
(not an aff link)

Here’s the scoop:

Cost: $10
Script: PHP
License: One domain

You can only install the script on one domain – not all your domains. But don’t let that turn you off. You can add as many different domains as you like within the program to check. Basically, install it on one domain and use the one central location to check each of your domains link exchanges.

Why do I prefer this link checking script rather than all the freebie link exchange scripts out there?

  • There’s no footprint and no links pointing to the link exchange script author (big plus).
  • You can choose to have the script search for a link (ie. or for words in the anchor text (ie. Affiliate Marketing Gab). This comes in handy for those link exchanges that have your link wrapped in a script rather than straight html. Some big, busy websites won’t straight link – and heck I want the traffic they can send me ;).
  • You can set a crontab to have a report sent to you daily so you can quickly remove the links to pages that dropped your link.
  • You can check all of your domains link exchanges at once, from one central location.

If you do huge amounts of link exchanges across several domains – this probably isn’t the script for you.

But if you do smaller amounts of selective link exchanges, this is what you’re looking for.

You do need to create your own submission form if you plan on having a link exchange request page on your websites (try this freebie: Novice Form), and you will need to manually add the link exchange information to your link exchange pages (usually just a c&p), but it’s worth the small hassle IMO.

At $10, this automatic link checking script is a bargain!


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5 thoughts to “PHP Automatic Link Checker – $10”

  1. Hi 45n5

    Thanks for that script link, I did try it (as well as many many others :lol:), but one of the things I wanted was something that would check the link exchanges for all my domains in one central place. If I remember correctly, that’s why I didn’t stay with that one. Saves me from logging into each of my domains and checking links.

    After monkeying around for how many hours trying scripts, I finally just said to heck with it, shelled out $10 bucks and moved on.

    PS: don’t worry about the double comment, I’ll clean it up right away. Sometimes my own comments get shafted as spam! :lol:! Unfortunately I’m harrassed constantly with comment spam here so my spam tweaks are a bit hardcore. And yet – some of the real spam still gets through :rolls eyes:.

  2. No problem just not sure if you saw that one or not.

    Comment spam, I feel you.

    I just removed the comment form from a blog and the comment spam is still coming?? Now that’s a serious spam problem.

    It’s b2evolution the blog engine (what wordpress was forked from I believe) so I’m guessing these spammers aren’t even using the comment form, but exploiting some bug I don’t know about.


  3. I just removed the comment form from a blog and the comment spam is still coming?? Now that’s a serious spam problem.

    Now that’s a blogger’s hell! No comment form – but getting comment spam!

    I just don’t get it – why the comment spam on blogs that are obviously managed and not abandoned? The spam just gets deleted. Sure some of the stuff is bot generated, but a lot of times I’m getting comment spam that is worked into the blog’s post convo – so it has to be live human beings here submitting that crap.

  4. lol, yep

    I reckon they have nothing to lose so why not. Seems like they’d get tired of watching their comments get deleted and move along, but they don’t.

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