Mega List Of Cheat Sheets: Reference

Nothing beats having a cheat sheet handy when working on a project. Here is a list of my picks for webmaster cheat sheets:

CSS Cheat Sheet
CSS Cheat Sheet
XHTML Cheat Sheet
XHTML Character Entity Reference
HTML 4.01 Entities Reference MySQL Cheat Sheet
JavaScript Cheat Sheet
HTML Character Entities
HTML 4 and XHTML 1.0 Character Entities Mod_Rewrite Cheat Sheet
PHP Cheat Sheet
Google Cheat Sheet
Google Advanced Operator Cheat Sheet Search Engines Cheat Sheet
HTML Cheat Sheet
(Both pdf and html)
HTML Tags Cheat Sheet
htaccess Cheat Sheet GMail Cheat Sheet
Regular Expressions Reference Sheet Cheat Sheets & Quick References Galore
Cheat Sheet Roundup – Over 30 Cheatsheets for developers HTML, CSS, PHP, and More Cheat Sheets



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7 thoughts to “Mega List Of Cheat Sheets: Reference”

  1. I always visit but have never left a comment – until today lol. Great tip sheet! I definitely need cheat sheets for PHP, MySQL… oh who am I kidding I am *technically* challeneged, I need lots of cheat sheets πŸ˜‰

    Great blog with tons of helpful resources πŸ™‚

  2. Thanks Chrissie! I had to pop over and check out your blog – nice job! And I see you’re an Amazon/book junkie too ;).

  3. Do you shop at too? That’s where I get into trouble ;). I check there first before moving over to amazon.

    Put an order in yesterday in fact :lol:!

  4. You’re welcome! Two things to note about bookcloseouts:

    Sometimes the books are ‘scratch & dent’. They’re marked as such though on the description page. Usually it’s the covers that are a bit smudged or worn, haven’t received a thing yet that I was disappointed with.

    Also things sell out *fast* a lot of times, they usually don’t have a big stock amount. So if you find a book and notice there are less than 50 or so copies in stock – snag it asap. It probably won’t be there the next time you look.

    Good deals to be had. Oh yes ;).

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