2006 Wishes, Dreams & Goals For Earning Online

When I look at the direction I was rip roaring and ready to go at this time last year, and the direction I’m looking at for 2006 – they seem polar opposites!

Direction & Goals For 2006

  • Product Creation. Create my own products to sell off my websites, and look at involving affiliate marketers when it’s a good fit.
  • Podcasting, Podcasting, Podcasting. I’ve done a lot of crazy things and embarrassed myself too many times to count. I survived. Maybe I can stretch myself, take the leap, take a chance – and start podcasting. First I have to learn about them and listen and follow several because I don’t have a clue. Not sure I have the cahunas to go so far as podcast creation. But we’ll see.
  • Build websites that forget about focusing on SEO so much and more with ‘social value’ in mind as well as word of mouth and originality. Build websites with affiliate products as filler rather than as the whole deal.
  • Continue to maintain what I have, build on what I have where it’s a good idea, strip out the least performing affiliate stuff and take a chance on some new things and directions where possible. Aff sites are no longer priority #1, but they’re not distractions for me either. They’re paying the bills right now and need to be maintained at the very least.
  • Build and brand myself a spot on the web. Podcasting and product creation fits well in here.
  • Be more disciplined. Document and map out brainstorms. Be more organized. More productive. Create Action Plans – Not vague To Do Lists. Cut the fat.
  • Network and interact with more people online. Post more on other blogs and forums. This was a goal for me last year as well – and I flopped at it in 2005. It’s so hard to do when you have X amount of time and X x 100 things to get done.
  • Keep all my web properties 100% google adsense free, as well as all other contextual advertising. Imagine that.
  • Continue to watch what the ‘biggies’ in the areas that I want to be in are doing. And the results of what they’re doing. Watch and Learn.
  • Be as generous as I can online with information, help, support and tips. That’s the #1 thing I love about the net and I want to contribute to that as best I can.
  • Continue to stretch and grow online. Continue to think and encourage long term rather than short term easy cash. Trying and failing doesn’t hurt a bit, but achieving feels fan-flippin-tastic. Nothing wrong with chasin that high – it’s legal.

I’m excited and motivated :).


I've been trying to find my way online for more years than I care to admit.

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