Merry Christmas + Happy Holidays

Well that’s it folks, the online Christmas shoppers have done their job and I hope it went well for everyone’s affiliate sites. This is the time of year we work so hard for.

The next few weeks will still see people shopping for accessories for all the gifts they received as well as for the things on their list they didn’t get ;). So there’s still some damage to be done online, the shoppers aren’t gone yet.

As usual some of my sites were peaking high, while others just kinda sat. The serps traffic was pretty good to me overall and I have no complaints. I’m happy with how things performed overall.

My head is ‘so not’ in the game lately, not just affiliate things but all things online. Holiday preparations, finishing up work shifts, cleaning, all that stuff has taken over the past two weeks.

But the good news is that I’m ready to put my feet up, relax with my family and have some good times the next few days. Forget about all this online jazz, I’m unplugging my keyboard for a few ;).

Best wishes for your holidays!

[I’ll be closing the comments so I can forget about blog spam for a few days ;)]


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