Money Timeline: Shopping Searches Breakdown

A quick note I grabbed from Rustybrick’s summaries for Chicago’s Search Engine Strategies:

Shopping Search Tactics

  • said mondays are popular for online holiday shoppers.
  • 12-3 daypart receives most online traffic
  • tuesday 12-3 is also popular
  • Non holiday shopping usually peaks during mid-week
  • December 12th businesses day, December 19th is the last day for peak online shopping

Great information when timing your ppc ads. And don’t forget – January’s got the goods too for hungry buyers!

You can read more of rustybrick’s summaries from SES Chicago here:

Search Engine Strategies 2005 Chicago

On a different note, it’s still nose to the grind for this girl. I have a big list of things I’m working on and trying to finish by the end of the year. Basically a lot of cleanup, updating and organizing. Also reviewing what’s working, what isn’t and adjusting as needed. I’d like all the ‘loose ends’ in place so I can move forward with new projects in the new year.

So far so good – I think I may just reach my goal ;). The last month or two has been quite focused and driven for me, it’s nice when you’re in that groove. That’s when good things happen and stuff gets done!

Commission Junction rolled over and died on me for the month of November, but December is nothing but multiples daily – if that doesn’t give an affiliate marketer a happy smile, I don’t know what will ;). Other programs are mixed, some doing well, some not-so-well, but overall things are great.

Nice time of year wouldn’t ya say ;).


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2 thoughts to “Money Timeline: Shopping Searches Breakdown”

  1. That’s great to hear at this time of year… or anytime of year! đŸ™‚ It’s always a nice feeling to make the sales – after all that hard work. I know I was over the moon when I saw that I’d made a sale this month… because I’m kind of still hit or miss in that part of my marketing.

    But way to go and good luck with tying up your loose ends for the new year!

  2. Thanks Empress, it’s head down and plowing through time for me and I can’t wait until all these loose ends are cleaned up. I’m pretty ramped up for 2006 and this will help to make some room in all my ‘affiliate chaos’ for new things and new ideas and heck – new directions ;).

    Shopping note: Sales are still coming through even at this late date – gotta love it!

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