Jason Potash Big Brother, Free Software Review & Portal Feeder

I just stumbled across a free report from Jason Potash that had a lot of interesting things to say about affiliate sites, thin affiliates, scraped content and more (ie. spam). And my always favorite topic: Big Brother Google watching you and your websites ;). I’ve uploaded the report here for you:

Jason Potash Big Brother Report

Or you can grab it directly from Jason Potash’s site here.

I agree very much with what Jason has to say in his Big Brother report. Garbage sites such as scraped content and spammy adsense websites are near death’s door and don’t have a bright future IMO.

The Big Brother Report also looks at building portals and the benefits of using quality articles for content. In the report Jason Potash offers a freebie that helps gather and parse the articles you find in article directories. You can download the latest version of the free software Orwell that he is offering: Jason Potash’s Free Orwell Software

To install the software you’ll need an access code – you’ll find this at the bottom of the report. This is not my affiliate code. The report I’ve uploaded for you is the same one you’ll find over at Jason’s site with what I’m assuming is his code.

Here’s a quick tutorial for the software:

Quick Orwell Tutorial

You can also view the video demo here (recommended).

So what does Orwell do exactly? From the above tutorial page:

Orwell is a free; windows based software, which is used to make the task of extracting content from content directories effortless.

I’ve downloaded the software and tested it for a bit. If you’re involved at all with building website content using articles, it’s a nice tool. There are article directories already configured within Orwell, but you can also add your own favorite places (nice).

When you view an article you might like to use, Orwell parses that data into seperate boxes (Title, Author, Body, Resource Box), gives you the word and keyword counts, as well as the keyword density.

When you decide on the article you want to use, simply export it into a html or txt file, stripping out all the ads or other info the article directory may have on that page. Slick!

There are more features so play around with the software and see what you think.

Note: Under the Change Settings section (found bottom right corner), you’ll see a tab for Data Sharing. Orwell gathers the articles that you view and sends them to its server to create a searchable article directory of its own. If that makes you uncomfortable, simply opt out.

The Big Brother Report and Orwell Software appear to be lead-ins for a soon-to-be released software from Jason Potash called Portal Feeder (Preview Information of Portal Feeder). Looking at the information about Portal Feeder Jason has so far released, I’d say it’s pretty impressive with features such as Portal Builder, Portal Template Designer, Portal Template Editor, Article Feeder, RSS & Sitemap Creator and Content Automator.

No price tag revealed yet that I can see, but I’m going to guess that the price is going to be a few hundred dollars ;).

Although all the features sound wonderful and I can see the benefits, one thing I want to warn: Be careful and *be smart* about uploading articles to your sites. The article content is important for SEO, but so are the links within those articles. I’ve spoken about this before.

Since Jason’s Big Brother report is clear on how Google devalues scraper content and adsense spammy & garbage sites, don’t you think Google also looks at the websites that *link to* those bad boys?

If you’re serious about building web content with reprint articles, take some time to review the articles in a category on an article directory site. Go through the articles, check out the sites those articles link to. And dig deeper than the first page. A lot of times scraper and crap sites can look BEAUTIFUL, until you investigate and dig around a bit. Then you see what they really are made of ;).

When you realize how widespread and rampant crap content is linked to within these reprint articles – you’ll not be too keen on auto generating any kind of content using articles. IMO you need to take the time and be very selective as to what you’re uploading to your websites.

If I was Google I would push two buttons. One that nuked websites that have 90% of their outbound links wrapped in the nofollow tag, and the other that nuked sites that linked to too many ‘scraper and crappy spammy sites’. By doing so Google would wash its hands of a lot of auto generated content sites ;).

Big Brother Report Review: Jason Potash did a good job with it and is right on the money IMO about Google’s position on these types of websites and where they’re heading: nowheres-ville.

Orwell Software Review: Very nice and I’m glad to have it – especially considering it’s free!

Portal Feeder Review: Without having installed and used the software I can’t fully say. However, if it doesn’t filter out articles that link to scraper and spammy sites – I’ll have to pass no matter how sweet the bells and whistles are. The convenience is simply not worth burning any of my domains for linking out to too many poor quality websites.


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  1. Hi,

    Thanks for your comments on Portal Feeder, particularly those referring to linking to spammy sites. There are so many well-written articles out there, and it would be nice if there was an easy way of putting them onto your site, but I fear tools like this will just get abused, and then Google will seek out a way of identifying who’s using them etc.

    I really don’t want to get onto that merry-go-round.

    Nice to read a piece that isn’t all ‘whooping and-a-hollering’ about the latest must-own bit of software.

    Still, I think you should put your affiliate link in, or give us a choice as to downloading the book with/without your link then we can make our own minds up ๐Ÿ™‚


    PS If you send me a suitably short description I’d be more than happy to give you a one-way link on the above (not particularly great) site, or you could have a link here – http://www.howipromotemywebsite.com/links.html – up to you? ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Hi ,

    Just wanna say thanks for the great video demo , as is really helpful for a newbie like me. I just download and really excited about this free ware, Surprise is free! I hope this will help me accomplish something online. I find that alot of gurus only interested to make $ and no longer have ‘passion’ to give genuine services now (don’t even test drive ) . I know we need to ‘eat’ . However is fair to appreciate by ‘reader’ to buy but get to know how to ‘use’ their product. I am just one of them that got ‘burn’ by trusting gurus ‘guarantee’ before. Paying all hard earn $ and store the sw for dust) I wish to become a resourceful online marketer and help the newbie to establish ‘somethings’ someday too .

    With regards,


    (P.s to reader: ” nothing comes free, is better to pay and get ‘return’ then wasting $ or time to start making real $ online)

  3. Its interesting to see how far Portal Feeder has actually gone since it was first launched back in 2005.

    There’s lots of cool new features now which are really awesome for promotion and gaining SE rankings.

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