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Once again my goal for the new year is to become a database and script GURU! I’ve progressed leaps and bounds since last year, but I still can’t code my way out of a paper bag. But I can now do a lean, mean script install – and maybe a tweak or two – with less patches of hair loss ;).

Here are some resources I’ve scooped up lately:

Weborum Tutorial Archive – tutorials & scripts to save you scouring the internet

Programming Tips and Tricks, code samples/examples, Code Snippets

PHP Code Snippets
*Thanks to Peter for sharing this goody


CodeLine is Java open source snippet organizer. It allows you to save and organize code snippets in different categories and attach a note to every snippet, so you can write down important things about the code.

More than 5,000 Technology Related Tutorials, Code Examples & Articles

The ECHO Directive:
Displaying the Environment in Server Side Includes

Free Programmer’s Books & Tutorials

Happy Codings – Php Programming Code Examples

Snippet Library’s PHP Tutorial


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