How To Block Google Analytics From Tracking You

Google Analytics Remove
Here are tweaks we can use to play dodgeball with Google.

Since your IP and computer info can be beamed into Google’s hands as soon as you hit ‘Submit’ on your bitchin post (about Google of course :P) at a forum or blog that uses Google Analytics, I’d say this isn’t such a bad idea after all.

Prevent Google Analytics from tracking your visit

Not all website visitors like to reveal their details to the website owner. If you are one of these visitors, you can block Google Analytics from tracking your visits by adding the following line to your Windows Hosts file.

# [Google Inc]

How this works: Google Analytics downloads a small javascript urchin.js (Google Analytics Urchin Module) on the client’s computer which reports the all the tracking and analyzing data about the visitor back to Google. By adding the above line, we have effectively blocked our browser from downloading the urchin.js file.

Block Google Analytics cookies

Google Analytics (also known as Urchin) is a service from Google that helps website owners analyze how users use their sites. Information about your use of a certain website (including your IP address) can automatically be transmitted to and stored by Google using cookies.

FireFox : Avoid being tracked by Google Analytics

As it can be seen on this Google support page, webmasters must – in order to track your visits – reference a script on “â€?. To avoid being tracked, simply install the FireFox adblock plugin and site-block*

Since I don’t really use Firefox all that much (I prefer fast browsing and the clean page rendering that IE gives me – boosted with CrazyBrowser Multi-Tab Surfing), I’m trying to fiddle with my HOSTS file. Seems I can’t edit it (even after I untick read-only). grrrr

I’m working with this info page Hosts File.


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19 thoughts to “How To Block Google Analytics From Tracking You”

  1. I’m kind of scared of this whole analytics deal that Google has going on – kind of reminds me of the novel 1984 and “big brother” is watching. I’m kind of surprised that there isn’t more commentary about it on other blogs.

    I’ll admit I signed up for it – but have yet to add it to my site. I’m not sure I want too.

  2. Empress I was going to try it out on one site but apparently I didn’t run fast enough to sign up and I wasn’t able to get in. Oh well :lol:. I agree about the big brother thing. Can’t remember where I read this, but picture the internet as one layer, and then google as a layer on top of that. For us to access and move around the internet, we’ll have to go through the Google layer first. It was an interesting read that’s for sure, and has a very scary ring of truth to it when you see all the things Google is working on and launching.

    Digger I can do it on lmhosts but not hosts – and by reading the instructions (, it seems you have to do it in both. I’m wondering if my antivirus or security settings somewhere are locking me out of my hosts file.

  3. I was finally able to figure this out.

    I turned off both my firewall and my antivirus and was able to edit my hosts file (first made hidden files visible in the folder options and then unchecked read-only).

    I tested it by adding a block to google adsense as well, and they disappeared like magic when I viewed sites with adsense. Unfortunately for me, I need to keep adsense on so that I can properly assess submissions to my directories.

    You can find info for blocking adsense here if anyone’s interested: block adsense hosts file.

  4. You should also block

    I have taken urchin.js apart and it does not transmit anything of any real personal interest. However, combine Google analytics with their desktop indexer and the google toolbar and they will be able to do some pretty scarry stuff in terms of building a total profile. I’d very stongly suggest NOT running google toolbar or the desktop indexer.

    Incidentally, it would be easy to harvest analytics account codes from web pages and then generate a storm of random noise… hummmm

  5. “I prefer fast browsing and the clean page rendering that IE gives me”


  6. If you use The proxomitron (and the appropriate filter), you’ll see that ‘google analytics’ is virtually everywhere, by way of 3rd party javascripts. Talk about “Big Brother Is Watching You”. That filter actually blocks those nefarious ‘scripts!

  7. When I am at a web page, click on a link, google.src interupts, and takes me somewhere else, other than where I want to go. Is there anyway that I can stop google from interfering in my surfing? Google’s primary link seems to be, but there is No web site with that name. I use Netscape 8.1 and Avant 11.0 for browsers.
    They’re driving me crazy. I have tried to delete everything on my Windows system that is Google-related, to no avail. HELP!

  8. Hi Dennis, I don’t think that’s google related at all, looks to me like you have a computer infected with adware and parasites that have hijacked your browsing. Try cleaning up your computer with these two programs (free):


  9. “I prefer fast browsing and the clean page rendering that IE gives me”

    Hahahaha! You just lost whatever credibility you might have hoped for.

  10. This is getting hilarious :lol:.

    At the time I originally posted this, Firefox was slooooooow and clunky for me. Frequently I’d find websites weren’t displaying properly–bad coding I guess that Firefox couldn’t handle but IE could. Who the heck knows.

    All *I KNOW* is what I experienced *AT THAT TIME*–November *2005*–Slow Firefox and chunked out websites.


  11. Thank You to Winston Smith for the proxomitron filter link. I tested it and use the disabled gif to see where it’s working. You are right, urchin is EveryWhere… that’s kinda scary.

  12. “I prefer fast browsing and the clean page rendering that IE gives me”

    I think that you’re wrong there: Firefox is far superior!

  13. Hi there!

    Im just wondering if anybody can help me solve a problem. here it is:

    I have a website with links to other websites. The websites that i have links to have google analytics and when they log into their accounts they can see a link is coming from my website. how do i block google so it cant track that the links are coming from me?

    Any guesses??

    Thanks in advance!

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