Blog Comment Spam And Keeping The Conversation Pure

The past few months have brought a big increase in blog comment spam here. When the traffic rises – so does the spam ;). Believe me – you guys have a lot of people wanting you to see or visit their ‘stuff’.

I remember being thrilled when I first started this blog and received a few comments such as:

Interesting blog! I must tell all my friends

Thank you for that information, it is very worthwhile to me

Please keep writing so much – I like your blog

I thought I had fans!

I soon realized that the links in their name URI were pointing to gambling and pills sites and well – I put two and two together.

I didn’t have any fans – I had fake fans spamming my blog :lol:!

I still get a bunch of those, I realize now they’re standard and come with the territory.

Guys I’m still learning as I go with this blog. I realize in the past I’ve let a comment or two stay that pointed to another website that was selling something. I knew the commenter wasn’t spamming and had no intention of spamming. But I’m going to have to say now – I’ll probably delete those comments in the future. When I let comments like that stay – things just crazy and explode with other people wanting to do it too – EVEN MONTHS LATER!

But I’m seeing an increase in a new species of comment spam. There must have been a new ebook or report released by some brainiac because it seemed to start at around the same time (summer).

Here’s what’s happening:

Much of the blog spam I’m receiving now is *part of the blog conversation*. They’ll comment on what I wrote, then point a link to a product or website that ‘will help you’ or ‘is better’ or ‘is cheaper’ or ‘works faster’ or ‘solve all my problems’ or … you get the idea.

You have no idea what the blog conversation would be like if I allowed those comments in. It would be like reading a blog entry, then reading a commercial. Then another commercial. Then a comment. And another commercial.

It would be like Vogue magazine with 3″ of advertisements and 1″ of pure content!

That’s *not at all* what I’m interested in for this blog. The conversation may not be as active as other places, but at least it’s pure conversation and not SPAM-O-LA time.

Recently I realized that many people may not have been all that active online in forums or blog chat, and they may not realize what’s considered good discussion and what’s considered bad form.

Because of that I decided to set a page aside for Blog Comment Guidelines. It’s nothing earth shattering for most, but for the newer people to blogging or online interaction – I believe this will help them:

SuperAff Blog Comment Guidelines

It’s never cut and dry and black and white, and sure it helps once you’ve established a relationship with the community and they trust you to not spam slam them around town – but until then, it’s a good idea to keep things good and clean.


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