So Where Are Those Holiday Season Sales?

I sure hope you guys are raking in the commissions at a better pace than I am this month. I’m still rubbing my eyes watching my stats – I’m at an all time low! I did better in July and August and September and October – heck the whole year – than I have so far for *NOVEMBER* :shock:.

Where’s the problem? I’m not sure. My traffic dropped on one affiliate site, a few have stayed at the same levels, and a few have jumped nice and high. It’s a strange puzzle to be sure.

My Commission Junction stats right now are at a steady *one sale a week* (:lol:) and the always famous – stats commission jump then *poof* commission disappear game. It’s an entertaining comedy act now, but I’ve become bored by it.

I haven’t increased my ShareASale products yet – dammit. I wanted to have that done by now so that I can really get some action happening with them.

Everything – right across the board from lead generation with indies to various network product sales is at a very scary level.

AKA: Very Little Money Action.


The good news is that after we get Black Friday and this weekend out of the way, things on Monday will spiral out of control with online holidays shopping. Specifically – on my sites.

If not, I’m going to have to write an ebook:

The Poor SuperAff Who Bombed During The Online Shopping High Season
A scandalous expose on an affiliate marketing laughing stock

Do you think it would sell?



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4 thoughts to “So Where Are Those Holiday Season Sales?”

  1. I was just wondering if maybe the drop in traffic could have been due to the Google Jagger update – and why some sites have gone up in traffic = sales. And congrats on getting the weekly sales – totally awesome πŸ™‚ So far for November it’s been my best month with two sales through CJ… πŸ˜› and the month isn’t over yet *fingers crossed*.

    P.S. Your ebook – I’d buy it! πŸ™‚

  2. Empress the one sale a week smiley I used above is a pitiful ‘what a joke and can you believe it’ smiley! :lol:! One sale a week on CJ is not good for me and I’m really hitting low ball there this month.

    I don’t get much Google love at all, so its algo changes don’t really affect me. I’m a *terrible* Google manipulator :lol:. The one site that dropped traffic was a Yahoo! loss, but I picked up in other areas.

    I’m just hoping that somehow this month redeems itself. I have a looooong way to go and only a few short days to get there ;).

    Maybe next month will be killer! Here’s hoping.

  3. You’re not alone Terry. While the majority of my revenue is AdSense based, I have noticed a drop in traffic and revenue through November as well. I’ve quoted your experience over at my site.

  4. Yeah I don’t think this month can be fixed for me. It’s a wipeout. Hopefully December will be good to both of us Digger!

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