New Forum From Rosalind Gardner

One of the first ebooks I bought for affiliate marketing was Rosalind’s Super Affiliate Handbook (not an affiliate link). Although I can’t give a review about the new updated version since I haven’t read it, I did enjoy the original copy and thought it was a worthwhile purchase for me.

I noticed Rosalind has a new forum if anyone’s interested in popping over. Not much happening at the moment, it really is brand spanking new.

If you’re looking for help getting started with affiliate and internet marketing, or maybe to spend some time helping newbies and networking, here’s another option for you.

Rosalind Gardner’s Affiliate Marketing Forum


I've been trying to find my way online for more years than I care to admit.

5 thoughts to “New Forum From Rosalind Gardner”

  1. I’ve been trying for some time now to access her forum and website but all I get are error messages. Has anyone else been able to get through?

  2. I am a newbie and do not have even a website to promote this book. Any idea?

  3. Hello Emily,

    Although it is helpful to have your own website when you begin your business as an affiliate marketer, but it is not a necessity because you can still make a lot of affiliate profits using other techniques to promote your affiliate programs. If you need more help, feel free to email me back.

  4. Hi Emily, you don’t need a website to promote the ebook, but it sure helps. You’ll need to look at PPC (which Rosalind talks about in her ebook), as well as work hard at other marketing methods.

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