Make Money From Parked Domains – Update

Last month I discussed GoDaddy cashing in on our parked domains. I don’t have a problem with that, but why not fix things up for our own wallets instead (see Who’s Making Money From Your Parked Domains?).

Here’s my update:

I decided to park a few of my domains over at Sedo Domain Parking. This past month I’ve had less than 20 views and 0 clicks.

That means I made *zero* cash :lol:.

It’s obvious the key to earning money from parked domains is the *type in traffic* – or – *expired domains* that still have links pointing to them that drive traffic.

As always – Traffic is the big answer :lol:.

If you don’t have domain names that draw traffic, it’s not worthwhile financially.

However. It costs nothing to set this up. It’s free. You still retain full control of your domains with your domain registrar. And you won’t know how ‘busy’ your domain traffic is unless you try it. You certainly can’t tell by leaving it sit in your domain registrar account. For those reasons I found it worthwhile to do overall.

And besides – you never know when you’re sitting on some hot little number that could receive a nice big buy offer.

My verdict: I’m going to keep the domains parked at Sedo. I like the interface. It’s easy to use and it’s a ‘setup and leave it’ kind of thing. It’s also neat to see what’s bringing peepers and what isn’t.

I’ll let you know when I get my first $100,000 domain buy offer ;).


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