Google Adsense Referrals Program vs. Self Preservation

I’ve been looking over Google’s Adsense referral program.

Referrals is a feature of AdSense that allows website publishers to increase their revenue while increasing their users’ awareness of useful products and services. By adding a referral button to a site, publishers can direct users to products like AdSense and Firefox with Google Toolbar. When a referral connects a user to AdSense or Firefox, Google pays the publisher. Now publishers can introduce their visitors to services that will help them monetize their websites or improve their web browsing experience, and earn more revenue.

The Adsense referral earnings breakdown:

When a user you’ve referred to AdSense first earns US $100, we’ll credit your AdSense account with US $100.

The Adsense Cheese Phenomenon must not be stopped until every page listed in every search engine’s SERPs is monetized by and for Google. Yahoo! and MSN will be reduced to tools used to drive traffic and cash to goog’s already overflowing coffers.

Quick – Someone Sign Me Up!

The Firefox/Google Toolbar Combo Details:

When a user you’ve referred to Firefox plus Google Toolbar runs Firefox for the first time, you’ll receive up to $1 in your account, depending on the user’s location.

I’m thinking this ties into the adwords market and where the ad cash is focused. I wonder what parts of the planet goog isn’t all that interested in.

The Firefox/Google Toolbar

Interesting that Google is limiting the referral program to *Firefox* only. Why no ref earnings on Google toolbar downloads for Microsoft Internet Explorer? Why is goog encouraging the exclusive promotion of Firefox? 😉 . Firefox is ok, has many great features but I never was fond of the Firefox/Google cuddlefest and the bundled up buddies:

We’ve integrated the Google Toolbar into the Firefox download to offer you even more features: Google search, SpellCheck, and Autofill.

Promoting Firefox Creates Google Users.

Google Search is built right into the toolbar, and there is a plethora of other search tools

If you’re interested in helping Google achieve monopolization in the search market, here’s your chance to boost good ol’ goog to the stratosphere! For up to a buck per user!

I wonder how many other Google buddies will magically appear on my websites and hijack my voice via google autolinks when it achieves a user base in the kazillions.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Affiliates

It’s getting more difficult to find your sites ranked in Google and will be harder in the future, unless you pay for it. One day those sites won’t be found in the SERPs at all and the traffic levels from Yahoo! and MSN will be trickling pitiful because everyone made sure everyone was surfing with Google’s toolbar installed (at up to a buck a pop) – I’m sure goog will be ever-so-grateful for all the affiliate efforts pushing it to a high level of net domination and won’t leave affiliate marketers behind in the dust ;). Oh no really they won’t ;).

A genuine Kudos from me to Google for being so creative and gosh darn smart. But they’re not the boss around here. Yet. And I sure aint interested in helping them get there. Nor am I interested in taking my tinfoil hat off, but I’ll throw some wooden shoes around by promoting the tools and the use of goog’s competition.

Sabotage Origin: The name derives from the early industrial age, when powered looms could be damaged by displaced weavers (proto-saboteurs) throwing their wooden shoes (known in French as sabots) into the machinery. Literally it means, “clattering in sabots”.

Gotta slow down that Google Train before I’m run right off the tracks.


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