cPanel Backup Software – CP Site Saver Review

I’ve been mucking around with cpanel and database backup scripts for a few months now. I wanted one that emailed a copy of the database, but didn’t leave a copy on the server. I’m sure I’ve tried a dozen scripts and nothing seemed to work for me on *all* servers.

I stumbled across this cpanel backup software yesterday: CP Site Saver (not an aff link). Since I’ve been at my wits end with scripts, I thought I’d give this a shot.

Two words: It Rocks!

Here’s the magic:

  • No scripts to install on each host – just install the software once on your computer
  • Backs up *both* the full site backups as well as the databases – if you want. You can also set different backup schedules for both. Say weekly for the site backups and daily for the databases.
  • Install a backup folder on your computer *one time*, regardless of how many domains and databases you have. The backup script automatically downloads and sorts the backups in the individual domain’s folder – which the software creates automatically.
  • Each domain has its own folder with its own backups. Can’t get any cleaner or more organized than that!
  • Add your domains and databases in the software fast and easy – and one time only
  • You can do both scheduled and manual backups
  • Does not take up hosting server space by dumping a copy there

Set it. Then forgeddaboutit. Just the way I like them. πŸ˜†

Here’s What I Tweaked

  • The software runs in the background at computer startup to shutdown.

Having software constantly running is something I don’t like to do. I have *a lot* of stuff open and running when I’m working and having another piece going doesn’t thrill me. Here’s how I bent it my way:

Windows Task Scheduler + Configured all the backups to run at the same time

  • Step One: When installing the software, don’t install it to run at computer startup. If you did install it to start at computer startup, just go into Start > Run > type msconfig > and deactivate CPSiteSaver in Startup
  • Step Two: Create a new folder somewhere on your computer that you want the backups to be downloaded in.
  • Step Three: Run CP Site Saver and start adding your domains and databases. Set the schedules for the downloads and configure each backup for the same time. Example: 1:42 a.m. – for everything. You can do some daily or weekly or monthly, different days – whatever, just keep the time set as the same.
  • Step Four: Test all backups manually to ensure you’ve entered the correct information for each domain and that the backups find their way to the new folder you created (and configured in the software).
  • Step Five: After confirming that everything works as it should, Go into Windows > Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Scheduled Tasks
  • If you scheduled all your backups in CP Site Saver for 1:42 a.m., create a scheduled task to run at 1:40 a.m. daily. This gives it a spare two minutes to load up the software before its scheduled backups.
  • In the Task settings, click Stop the Task and enter 15 minutes (or however long you know the software needs to complete all the backups – do a test run first and add a few extra minutes just to be safe.)

Another Tweak

There’s a text ad exchange that runs at the bottom of the window when the software runs. I don’t care for it, but I know many people like to take advantage of those things. When you purchase the software, you can send in your ads to be included.

  • There is a note to email the software creator for an upgrade patch to remove the ads – I haven’t heard back about this yet, but I just submitted my request late last night. >> I just received the upgrade as I finished this review. I installed it and worked like a charm. No more ad exchange :wink:.
  • Since I don’t keep the cPanel backup software running 24/7 and I’ve set it up to run with Windows XP Scheduled Tasks, I don’t even *see* the software window itself. It runs seamlessly in the background and then shuts off after the scheduled time. It’s invisible for me now! πŸ˜†

I am SO RELIEVED that I can finally remove the “Find database backup script” from my To Do list. I’ve lost some data over the past few months from hosting burps and now I don’t have to worry about it. Big Bonus that everything is so organized and hands free now :wink:.

If you’re interested in giving this a shot, it’s $37 right now (I missed out on the $29!!) and no annual renewal fee (*for the first 1000 customers only) – after that it’s $47 plus annual renewal fee. You can grab it with the link at the top of the page, or use my aff link if you’d like: CP Site Saver.

The Price Is Right and BAM! Another problem solved! πŸ˜†


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13 thoughts to “cPanel Backup Software – CP Site Saver Review”

  1. Steve I noticed the site down the other day, and now I look and see it’s only partially up. There’s obviously hosting issues going on. I can’t imagine that they lost their entire site because *they’d surely have a backup of it* πŸ˜†

    Try checking again in a few days, hopefully it will be back to normal.

    For me – this software is kicking. Love it.

  2. Steve here are three screen caps with some false domain info I added:
    (add and remove domains for site backups and the second window is for the databases you want backed up)
    (this is where you setup your timed auto backups or do a manual backup)
    (The config section is where you set your backup folder on your computer, number of backups to keep or you can overwrite each backup)

    Hope that helps πŸ™‚

  3. I have just visited the site and its working now. The problem that I have is that there is no support contact. It claims to be $29 with no yearly fee on the page and then when you go to buy it, it comes up as $48. Is this a scam ?

    It says there are 62 more available at that price

  4. Steve the site isn’t fully up. I can tell because I missed out on the $29 price and it was selling for $37 (still a deal from the regular $47 price tag). Also there were a few hundred sold (around 300 or so if I remember correctly).

    When I purchased the support page was working and she contacted me within a day about getting the text ads removed from the bottom (I used the support ticket system because I didn’t want to be part of the ad exchange – she offered a tweak to remove it).

    I have to say that my experience from beginning purchase, the one support request I had and my use of the software has been great.

    If I were you, I’d wait until the support page is loading properly, email her and ask if she’s ready to roll yet. It really looks to me like the site is not back yet and you may have trouble with your download right now (the order fulfillment part may not even be back up yet).

    There were only about 300 copies or so sold when I bought (if I recall correctly) and the price was $37 (limited til a certain number of downloads – then was going to be $47). The product and site appear to be *really new*, they may not have been fully launched yet when I stumbled across it.

    I would watch and wait for a bit Steve, just to make sure everything is running smoothly again before you spend any $.

  5. Also the sales are handled thru Clickbank Steve, which is pretty hardcore about maintaining good sales relations with purchasers.

    If you do purchase and then decide you want a refund, here’s the page:

    One of the options is requesting a refund. I think Clickbank requires its vendors to backup a 30 day refund policy? Or maybe it’s 60 – 90? Can’t remember. Regardless, you do have several days to fiddle and play with it and if you do require a refund, Clickbank is solid IMO.

  6. I have requested a refund as the software does not do what it states. SQL errors everywhere, no connection to the internet.

    Thanks for your help. Gone with backup daddy for cpanel.

  7. Steve I can see I’ve got a bunch of your comments trapped in the spam trap. Why I don’t know – can’t see them. But I’ll load them all up and delete all but the latest. Hold on.

  8. Sorry about your comments getting stuck Steve.

    SQL errors? Does that happen when you download or do you mean your backups are shooting out sql errors when you try to upload a backup as a test? As for no internet connection – I had to go into my firewall and allow the connection first.

    I’m just stumped as to why you’re having problems (especially the sql errors). I’m using this with an armful of domains and several webhosts – haven’t had a snafu yet.

    It’s too bad the software didn’t work out for you – but glad to see you found a solution. Getting burnt on having no site backups *is not fun* ;).

  9. Thanks for the review. It helped me to make up my mind between this and another software. I’m picking CP Site Saver!

  10. I have also had to request a refund, there were some problems with my registration code not working, and they provide NO support what so every (never reply to my emails). If you don’t mind having a worthless demo version then buy this software, otherwise save you money and go some place else.

  11. Hi Isaiah, the software was sold to a different company after I wrote this (new links that I haven’t switched in this post yet). I haven’t dealt with the new company since right after the sale, but at that point they were really helpful. How long ago were your problems?

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