Work At Home Goals And Inspiration

My goal is pretty simple and long term. It’s not about being super rich, getting fast cash or anything like that, it’s more about having mobility and more options for my family.

Some days I look around at all the adsense cheese sites and all the fast cash that’s being made, and yet I just won’t go there. That type of income doesn’t fit with my goal and I don’t want to be distracted by it. I’m looking for long term and Google independent. I’m not interested at all in trading my employer for Google or any affiliate network. If I’m going to do this – it’s going to have to involve a lot of fingers in a lot of pies, and no one thing determining what I’m making and how much of it I’m making.

Most times I’m steady and true, and pretty focused on my prize. I know absolutely that money can be made online. Heck if I can make what I’m currently making – with no help from Google (serps) – very little traffic and a handful of sites that aren’t all-that-special, dang straight it’s very possible to make things happen.

So for me it’s not a question of ‘if’, it’s more *when*.

Good thing I’m patient :???:.

To keep things flowing, I try to find stuff that gears me up. For me things like playing around with new software and scripts, tweaking sites with something new I learned, figuring out something that I was really stuck on – those kinds of things get me motivated. Because I’m enjoying myself and I’m reaching and learning something new.

I also keep my peepers open and watch for inspiration.

A thread over at ThreadWatch (Working @ Home) does it for me. Lots of great stories from people all over the world who have achieved a full time income online. Some of these guys are super smart, and/or super talented, or have *sweet skills*, but I suspect many aren’t all that different from most of us and started out where we are now. And that has to inspire and encourage us part-timers!


I've been trying to find my way online for more years than I care to admit.