Publishing Reprint Articles Warning

Take a good hard look at the reprint and free articles you are uploading to your websites. It seems that’s where many scraper sites are gaining a lot of their inbounds from.

Check all the links in the articles, including the author’s byline. Either I haven’t been paying close enough attention or the scraper sites are really infiltrating the article marketing arena.

The articles typically are well written and informative. Everything from home housewares and furnishings to pets and computer tips. Domain names are decent and don’t raise any flags (not spam-domain-keyword-ten-times-here .com). Also the main page of the website could look fine, but check the resources page and other site links.


Because the sites we link *to* can affect our own domain’s Google value, avoiding linking to spam and rogue domains is a must. And I’m not convinced that the nofollow tag offers full protection.

Before publishing a reprint article:

*Check every single link the article and byline point to
*Do not publish an article with links from URL redirection services (such as tinyurl)

If you are going to use the auto rss to blog type softwares and scripts to grab and publish reprint articles automatically, think twice about doing so on a good, established website. It may end up toasting your domain.


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