Tim Hortons, Bloggers and Wish Lists

While I was rally driving through the Tim Hortons parking lot at 7 a.m. this morning, I had a ‘Blogger Moment’.

I was driving like a madwoman wanting to lead the pack of 7 vehicles coming from 3 different directions – all trying to position ourselves ahead of each other in the drive thru lineup. Timmy’s fans are *huge* in Canada. No matter what time of day or night, or where you work, someone near you has a cup of Tim Hortons in hand.

The drive thru is always busy (ESPECIALLY in the morning) and *No One* wants to get stuck behind the Fine Fella ordering 6 XL double/doubles and 6 toasted Everything Bagels loaded with cream cheese.

I have my $1.55 in hand, ready to do the quick coffee/cash hand off/carry on driving/ exchange that the Tim Hortons drive thru staff and I have worked down to a fine art. Getting stuck behind a Fine Fella just screws that up :lol:.

I did pretty well in the rally drive, but only achieved 3rd place in the lineup. So while I’m waiting, I have a Blogger’s Aha! moment.

How many hundreds and thousands of blogs are out there that link to the author’s Amazon Wish List? (btw that’s not a link to my wish list)

Or the always popular PayPal Donate Button that links to the blog author’s PayPal account for visitors to donate funds?

For Tim Hortons addicts like me (maybe it’s a Canadian thing?), and the other rally drivers pulling into its parking lots around the nation, how groovy would it be if Tim Hortons setup a reloadable cash card with an online account url that we could link to?

Picture this:

  • Tim Hortons offers a reloadable cash card for $10
  • I buy it and am able to use it for $10 worth of Timmy’s good stuff (spent in 2 or 3 days)
  • The cash card has an online account ID that I can setup on any and all of my blogs. Visitors can click my Timmy’s link and using PayPal, buy me a cup of coffee (money is credited to my handy dandy Tim Hortons reloadable cash card).

Tim Hortons

Timmy’s addicts around the blogosphere upload their links, someone buys a blogger a good cup of coffee once in awhile, and Tim Hortons gets itself a whole lot of advertising for – get this – FREE!

Here’s the best part – I’m serious! đŸ˜†

Visit Tim Hortons Online

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  1. I’ve had a PetroPoints paypass card for some time now and use it for filling up my tank all the time -the extra 2 cents off works for me too! Last time I was out at my friends near Winston Churchill and 401 I noticed that the canadian superstore there had paypass at the lanes now too – coolio!
    I think it’s the neatest thing… no fumbling on what way to swipe my card through those slidy things anymore! LOL… I’ll have to go check out my local Tim’s now too – didn’t realize they had it too… thanks for the tip!

  2. I haven’t seen these yet, but I’m kinda wondering what security features they have? I know if someone gets their hands on your (regular) credit card they can still get away with racking up charges, but at least the cashier can see the name and check the signature on the card to make sure it looks sorta legit. Kinda hard for a guy to use a credit card with the name “Elizabeth”, you know? lol.

    How do these tap ‘n go cards work if someone gets ahold of your card?

  3. in the states last month and used the new tap and go card at CVS, 7/11 and for a burger at McDonalds. Also saw it at Pioneer in Burlington.

  4. Terry.

    Been awhile. Interesting question. I looked over the material we received and from what I understand there is a computer chip on the cards that talks to the paypass reader. The information on the chip is similar to what is on the magnetic stripe but different . There is some encryption and hidden security things on the chip that are not possible on the stripe. So it is more secure than the stripe. Plus because the customer retains control of the card itself the opportunity for a cashier to “skim” the card to create a counterfeit from the stripe is avoided. Apparently the chip itself is hard to counterfeit. The card must be within 4cm of the reader to work so it is not like wireless internet where you can catch signals in the air.

    Anyways, I see more of these cards each day. Not an avalanche mind you but I’m amazed quite frankly how fast people got okay with using the Mastercard . I saw a thing in the paper that now McDonalds is going to use paypass too. Copy cats.

  5. I recently got a Citi petropoints Mastercard with the PayPass specifically for use at my local Tim’s here in Winnipeg, and have found the cashiers either say that the Paypass system is not hooked up, or get a blank stare when I mention Paypass… just wondering if this is common?

  6. That happened to me the first time I tried it at my local tims. I told the clerk that I use it at other stores so she was willing to give it a whirl. She rang up my order, told me the amount, I tapped my card – it beeped and light up – the machine thing that is! She typed the amount on the terminal and that was it! Now she knows me when I come in! They hadn’t seen one of the paypass cards before mine, but they knew about it from their head office. A co-worker told me that she had a problem at first too because the cashier keyed something on the terminal that stopped the paypass machine from working and she had to swipe her card… but now she says they must have figured it out because it works fine.

  7. Well it has launched, and it works great, I have been using the TimCard for a couple of weeks now in Fredericton NB without any problems. I love it, Tims was the only thing left that I had to carry cash. No more trips to the ATM for Tim cash. I love it.

  8. about this Tim card
    since i wrote this once and got deleted for invalid email this will be shorter
    was about to buy Tim card
    thought ok 1.24 X 10 would be 12.40 (10 med)
    no it’s 13.75 or something – manager reminded me of the gst exemption on food under $4
    so remember this when exceeding the limit ppl
    so I’m thinking, they don’t have to account for the card purchase at the time, just when it is used, which will be for one or two at a time.
    they can pocket the gst since the actual individual purchases were below the gst limit
    (no actual transaction taking place until the coffee is in your hand)
    hence a price rise without you, me or the gov being able to say anything about it.
    pretty clever
    email me with comments – this blog encounter was an accident

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