Bookmark Lady Strikes Again

Oh what a wicked mess we weave when we click click add stuff to our favorites folders. Here are my latest bookmarks that you may be interested in:

Scripts & Code Snippets

And finally a treasure chest full of all kinds of links – css, html, design stuff and more (I just love the blog design here):
Recent Links Dump

Lulu – Publish a Book & Sell It

TableTop Studio – Dedicated to helping you improve the quality of your product images – CafePress alternative?

HTML Character Entities Cheat Sheet

Online AdSense Preview Tool

Surf smarter with your bookmarks online

Incentivized advertising through StormPay

Add to Google Reader – How To Link From Your Blog

Stuntdubl’s List – Project Management Tools

Never Fear, No Duplicate’s Here | avoiding the duplicate content penalty

A Spider Detector

Faster Fox
Fasterfox – performance and network tweaks for Firefox


Create free email signatures icon

And that’s not all of them! 😆

Notice the time? I’ve been up all night playing with scripts and code and all that jazz. Nothing new to any of us here is it :lol:. This past week has been an *online kick butt groove*. One of the most productive weeks I’ve had in a long time – and I’m LOVING it! Maybe the freebie Task List Script I scooped had something to do with it (which I’m so glad I found, it’s really been a great tool for me).

I’m behind on my daily routine stuff, such as posting here and keeping the directory submissions up-to-date, but sometimes when you’re on fire – you just have to run with it. I’m really excited about a few new things in the works.

Enjoy your day!


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