Chitika WordPress Plugin + Tips

Chitika This and Chitika That – Chitika’s Everywhere! đŸ˜†

I still haven’t joined this new earning opportunity, mainly because I don’t have anything online that I feel is a good fit, but no matter where I turn – there’s Chitika! So I’ve made a list to share for those of you who are using this:

Chitika eminimalls ads without search tab

Chitika eMiniMall plugin for WordPress

Chitika tips, tricks and hacking : the definitive guide

Five Chitika Tricks

Edited to Add:

eMiniMalls adds some new features & makes some changes from Jensense

Feel free to leave a note about your Chitika experience so far.

[sidenote: am I the only one who keeps saying Chikita rather than Chitika?]


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