Google PR Update + Jagger

Looks like a big Google update is underway, and that includes Google’s Page Rank (that green specky stuff showing in its toolbar). I love PR updates and I won’t apologize for it :???:.

So far my money sites (affiliate product pages) are sitting normal – bunch of 3s and 4s, a couple 2s. This blog seems to have jumped to PR 5 from a PR 4, but nothing really drastic all around. The update is not over yet though.

Although getting a green boost is always fun, I’d rather have lots and lots of Google traffic. These green specks don’t affect that, but what PR does give me is an improved position for link building. A lot of webmasters, directories and link exchanges will *just-not-link-to-you* unless you have some Google PR showing. So I’m always pleased with PR updates – it means I can get building on some links to my new sites (and don’t we always have new sites waiting to hustle :lol:).

Current Action – PR & BL Export Is On

As far as “Update Jagger” is concerned, I’m ummm, pretty concerned. First off my Google traffic hasn’t changed at all – that means I’m nowhere in the SERPs – AGAIN – which means “I aint gettin any”. But it’s a standing joke between goog and me, so now it’s just funny. I happened to do a search for “namecheap” last night (without quotes). Are you seeing what I’m seeing? A bunch of Namecheap domain parked pages – and I mean A BUNCH :shock:! Hopefully the craziness will move on – things are still moving and nothing’s golden yet.

Google Oct. 2005 Update “Jagger” & Contacting Google About It

Some freebie tools you can play with while the Google update is on:

Future PageRank Tool
*Shows Datacenter activity

Query Page Rank from various Google Datacenters

Datacenter Quick Check


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