Chitika Affiliate Alert

Well the Chitika Affiliate Referral Program (not an affiliate link) has launched. Be prepared for the inevitable internet marketer stampede – your email inboxes and blog feeds are about to be assaulted! đŸ˜†

The Chitika Affiliate program offers a new referral commission opportunity:

We have now introduced our new Referral Commission Program. Refer your friends for eMiniMalls and make a 10% commission.

Take note of the 12 month referral earnings cap:

When the publisher you refer applies for eMiniMalls through your referral link, is approved, and then displays Chitika’s eMiniMalls on their website, you are eligible to receive Publisher referral commissions. You will earn 10% of the CPC revenue that your referrals earns for up to 12 months from their approval date.

You’ll want to encourage your referrals to get their links up asap instead of sitting on them for a few months ;).

So What Is Chitika?

It’s impressive (see Chitika’s eMiniMalls Overview). Dynamically displayed product ads with a small image, tabbed format product information (Description, Best Deals, Reviews, Search).

In real-time, eMiniMalls selects the top products for your web page and displays interactive and robust information such as product ratings, descriptions, reviews, related Blog content and even where users can get the best buy on the net. All of the information needed for comparison shopping – all in one place.

You earn money when your visitors click the ads. According to Chitika’s FAQs page, you earn 60% of the revenue. If an advertisor pays $1.00 per click, you earn $0.60. Sweet deal!

Minimum payout is $10 for PayPal payments (nice!), or $50 for checks.

Can You Use Chitika With Adsense?

eMiniMalls service has no exclusivity conditions. You can choose to use eMiniMalls with any other ad service. If you are concerned about Google AdSense exclusivities, then please note that our eMiniMalls are not text ads and they don’t even look like contextual text ads. We display products and best offers for those products from various merchants.

source: Chitika FAQs

Also see: Chitika eMiniMalls search tab is compatible with AdSense

Why Not Use Chitika With Other Affiliate Creatives?

Everyone’s focusing on the adsense/chitika combination, but why not try slapping some Chitika code on your affiliate product pages too (such as Commission Junction, LinkShare, etc.)? From what I’m hearing, Chitika mainly serves up electronics items, so that doesn’t fit too well with what I currently have up. Hopefully they’ll grow a bigger product base so we can really have fun with it ;).

If you ever wondered whether affiliate marketers and webmasters still buy and signup through affiliate links, Threadwatch reports one blogger currently has 700+ referrals!

Cha-Ching! Haiwii anyone? :lol:! Stories like that just reaffirm that earning a strong income online is possible for anyone and everyone. Love it!

Although I’m-not-real-fond of earning through pay-per-click models and prefer earning commissions on each sale, I’d like to see Chitika do well and grow strong. The more options (and this is a neat one!) we have as affiliate marketers and webmasters, the better our earning potential is online.

Enjoy your day!


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