The Rich Jerk – Price Dive Alert

Ok now I really do think this guy is a jerk! đŸ˜†

The Rich Jerk is now available for $49.00. Not a great method of impressing your original customers that paid top dollar ($97) right from the start.

I suspect this is because many voiced concerns the product was overpriced (see: Rich Jerk Review).


It could just be another ploy to get dumb butts like me to link to him for more buzz :lol:. As if I haven’t already linked freely to him enough :roll:.

Regardless, the price is 1/2 of what I paid and is more inline with what the original price should have been.

Who knows if this is a limited sale price or if it’s long term.

If you want to grab the lowered price while you can, use the link above (not an affiliate link), or if you’re feeling footloose and fancy free – here’s my Rich Jerk affiliate link.

Enjoy your weekend!


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  1. The spam and craziness has just gotten out of control. I’m closing the comments to the Rich Jerk Review, here is the link where we had more discussion:

    My Rich Jerk Review

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