Namecheap WhoIs Guard Features

Maybe most people know this, but I was clueless about one of the whois guard features til the other night. I figure there must be another one or two people who would appreciate knowing this because they missed it too.

When you buy a domain through, they give you free whois guard. That I knew.

What I didn’t know was that you could set your whois guard email to change every day or every few days. The email provided looks something funky like:


When someone sends an email to that address (they can find it by looking up your domain’s whois), the email is forwarded to your real email address that you used to setup the domain.

What you can do to combat spam is schedule an automatic email change so that this: oweurasdfasdfqow8.protect@ changes daily or every few days to something different.

To do that just go into your ‘manage domains’ section and click on the far right red/orange whois icon displayed. Halfway down the modify domain page you’ll see:

To enhance privacy, automatically change WhoisGuard email every – days

Just tick the box, enter the amount of days in the pulldown menu and save preferences.

This should really cut back on my spam, I’ve noticed a big drop already since I’ve done this.


Also you don’t have to use your whois subscription with the domain that you purchase. If you buy a domain that you don’t care whether or not it has whois guard applied to it, you can use it to extend the whois guard on another domain (that you already have registered with namecheap).

I’m not sure if these whois guard features are available with other domain registrars? I only have whois guard activated on domains in namecheap, so I can’t check GoDaddy (the other registrar I use).


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3 thoughts to “Namecheap WhoIs Guard Features”

  1. actually, quite a few companies now offer the whois privacy thing – GoDaddy is one of them đŸ™‚

  2. Thanks for writing this post. Had exactly the answer i was looking for. (What the funky email address was for).


  3. Thank you for that information, I’ve just bought a domain from namecheap and have whoisguard thrown in with the deal, but I had no idea what it was about, so thanks for clearing that mystery up for me and others.

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