ShareASale Product Links

I’m gearing up to build a bunch of new sites filled with affiliate products and one thing I’m stumbling on is the networks and merchants to use. With the recent problems Commission Junction has been having, I’m hesitating to build up new sites that depend on that network. Actually any network.

I’m not saying CJ sucks, I’m just thinking it’s not such a hot idea to build the bulk of your income around one network. When things falter and stumble with upgrades or whatever – your payday is affected. So I want to continue to ‘spread the wealth’ around a bit.

My problem is that I still haven’t tackled the datafeed guru thing yet. So I need to work with places that can provide me with individual product codes. Easily. With minimal hassle. Just like Commission Junction does.

Well a pal pointed out to me ShareASale’s page builder. Never noticed it before. I also came across their Get Specific Product Linking Code section. Never noticed that before either. Obviously I’m really behind the loop with ShareASale stuff :lol:.

Although the merchant selection isn’t as hot as Commission Junction’s, ShareASale has just provided me with viable options to work with when building my new affiliate sites.

And they’re parasite free. Clean as a whistle. Which is a huge bonus.

Good job ShareASale!

Now I need to dig in and see if there are any merchants in ShareASale I can use for these new sites of mine :wink:.

You can check out ShareASale Here if you’re not already familiar with them.


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