Article Marketing Tip: $10 Timesaver

I spent some time on’s distribution page and discovered a $10 timesaver:

We can submit your article to more than 20,000+ publishers who are members of the article announcement/distribution groups that we support, depending on your article’s topic/category. And we will also submit your articles to,,, and etc…, depending on your article’s category.

The smallest package starts at $10 for 5 articles to distribute – that’s $2 bucks an article! If I understand correctly, your articles would be sent out to article distribution groups (that you would otherwise need to subscribe to EACH OF THEM to submit your articles) plus several online article submission sites (62 currently) .

Looks like a good deal to take advantage of if you find yourself spending a lot of time submitting articles. One thing I could never bring myself to do is signup for all the article distribution groups out there. Ick. It triggers flashbacks of safelist mailbox traumas. This gives you the benefit of having your articles circulating – without having to deal with bursting inboxes of articles. Yay!

For $2 an article, this may be worth a shot to test the waters and see what the results are.

If you’re still feeling your way around articles and how to use them to drive traffic to your websites, I just finished reading Andy Williams – EzSEO Newsletter # 93 which has excellent information on article development and traffic building.


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  1. Thanks for your note, I actually am subscribed to and I really enjoy the newsletter too. It is definitely a goody to try! I’ve only received 10 issues since last November so it’s not overwhelming at all (such as daily or weekly).

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