Are Your Links In – Christmas Is Coming

We’re already at the end of September. This month has been one stinky month for affiliate commissions for me (so far), but I fully expect a big bounce up starting in October.

Although it’s important (very much so) to ensure our pages are clean, sparkling and ready to rock with customers – we also need a strong force of inbound links pointing at our sites (duh!). The more the merrier. Mostly for search engine rankings, but a lot of times the sites providing the inbounds can provide you with some traffic.

Here are some good resources for gaining one way links:

Info Vilesilencer
*Kick butt list of search engine friendly directories. Links are clean (not script generated), free submissions and non-recips. The best directory list I’ve found yet.

List Of Article Submission Sites
*My personal list I work through (most of them). I tried choosing sites that were easy enough to submit to and dig around. All are free.

Don’t forget (Some of these are mine – a couple are a friend’s):

Chilly Cool Directory General Directory
Nifty Shops Directory Shopping Sites
Shopshootah Directory Shopping sites
Fabarooni Directory General Directory
Fabaroo Directory General Directory


Chilly Cool Article Submissions
Fabaroo Articles

Super Tips For Submissions:

Follow the submission guidelines for each site (so important);
Submit articles – not sales spam;
Mix up your anchor text and descriptions for your directory submissions.

The holiday season is near – can ya feel it? đŸ˜‰

Enjoy your day!


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