Two Commitments In Your Head Create Stress And Failure

You are subliminally aware of all your commitments, big and little, personal and professional, and they are stored in “psychic RAM” unless consciously and objectively tracked and reviewed. That part of the psyche, though, has no sense of past or future, so as soon as it is required to hold on to two incompletions, it creates inner frustration and anxiety. A creative part of you is attempting to do them both at once, which is impossible. But it doesn’t give up. It keeps on trying and trying and trying …

That’s a quote from the latest book I’m reading:

Ready For Anything
52 Productivity Principles for Work & Life
Author: David Allen

I’m a pretty busy person. I have a job that entails shift work (same department – two different locations, no set schedule), a very active teenage son (read: sports sports and more sports plus social activities), a husband who is self-employed (read: bookwork from hell), and my online business activities.

I have to write *everything* down. The dog grooming appointment, the hockey camp times, when and where my shifts are, what time to set the VCR for favorite programs – you name it, it’s written down somewhere.

And if it isn’t written down – zip – it’s outta my head or is creating angst while I’m doing something else.

However I’m not so good at keeping everything centralized. I have a calendar book to keep track of appointments, TreePad to keep track of online essentials, a private forum to track To Do lists (and not everything gets in there), and reams of paper from taking notes of things I’ve read. The list goes on and on my friend.

It does work for me, writing things down – but I could make my system better. I’m still trying to figure out something that will work best for me and keep everything in one handy dandy place.

I’ve found that writing everything down and keeping a To Do list really does help. I may not tackle everything on the list, or get it done when I want to, but as long as I have that stuff written down – it frees up my psychic RAM and I’m able to fully focus on the task at hand.

When you are fully focused and other things aren’t pulling at your mind, you are more creative, more efficient and feel more in control of things. Try writing everything down for awhile and you’ll see what I mean :wink:. Things aren’t so scattered and kookoo crazy.


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