Quick Note And Namecheap FYI

I’ve been in the midst of moving hosts for superaff (very unexpected, last minute thing), but I think everything’s back to normal now. It may take another day or so before everyone finds their way here.

Also as an FYI, last year I tried namecheap for the first time and purchased a domain through them. I liked them and bought a few more but I’m just now dealing with their renewal process as these domains begin to expire.

Namecheap has a freebie whois offer when you buy a domain through them and I was thinking I might get dinged hard at renewal time (heck cheap domain registration, freebie whois – surely going to pay for this at some point).

Not the case at all – whois renewal is only $2.88 if you can believe it. Sheesh where have these guys been hiding all my life? đŸ˜†

Check them out if you haven’t already: Namecheap


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