My Rich Jerk Review

As promised yesterday, here’s my quick review of “The Rich Jerk” ebook that’s been getting some recent buzz (no aff link btw).

I’m surprised – I loved it. And I really wanted to hate it and poke fun at the guy 😆 (Just kidding).

This ebook is written exactly how I like them:

To the point. There’s no time for yawning – it’s all down to business.

Who shouldn’t buy this ebook:

Fresh newbies in town. There’s no hand holding here. It’s not hyper-technical stuff, but you really won’t have a good feel for the material.

Advanced affiliates. You more than likely know all this stuff already, probably nothing new for you. However, if you want it all written up, short and to the point as a quick reminder/reference point – grab a copy.

Did I pick up anything new? Yes, a couple things. I also appreciated the wholesale section – I’ll be looking at that more closely.

Were the 40 pages jam packed with new super tips? No

Did I get any inspiration and an idea or two? Yes.

Will I be implementing a few new things? Yes.

I do feel it’s overpriced sitting at $97, but he’s The Rich Jerk. I wouldn’t expect anything less from the guy :lol:.

I don’t regret this purchase and it was a good buy for me.


I've been trying to find my way online for more years than I care to admit.

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  1. Hi Kevin,

    No I haven’t. There are two things in particular the ebook twigged for me that I’ll be/am working on. But they’re not completed yet and probably won’t be till after Christmas.

    I might play around with the ppc tips before then though, just haven’t been able to put anything together (time!!!). I haven’t played with ppc for a few months now and spent some time last week looking for a product to work with. Found one, whipped up a campaign to give it a shot and then quickly realized I forgot to check something. Sure nuff, the new merchant of mine had a ‘no ppc’ policy. Have no idea if it was the company’s name/keywords, or the entire product keyword range itself. Terms were not clear at all.

    So I dumped them. 😆

    Have you read the ebook yourself or just thinking about buying it?

  2. I read the Book from a friend and I’m glad I did not spend one dime on that piece of garbage, the guy more than a Jerk is obviously a spammer and making big time profit of it.

    Anyway, I agree with you on one point: I saw nothing new.

  3. I think what I liked most about this ebook is what some felt ripped off about.

    It’s not filled with fluff and filler and is only 40 pages. If this ebook was stretched and blah blah blah’d out to 150 – 200 pages, for the sake of being a 150 – 200 page ebook – like so many are, it wouldn’t have received some of the criticism it did. It was overpriced at $97 and I think it was a mistake to launch with that price.

    I purposely read this book three times now. I see more in there than I did the first time :lol:. And I can certainly spot a ‘rich jerk disciple’ a mile away now ;). He did have an effect on how some are marketing.

    I don’t think advanced affiliates would really get much from it. There is stuff on wholesale they may appreciate, maybe some ppc points, a different slant on approach, but the rest is probably not new to them.

  4. You have to be careful using that type of approach with any type of marketing. I saw a rich jerk inspired site that was selling weight loss products. OMG… the page was insulting the prospect about how fat they were.

    The person on the forum was complaining that he wasn’t getting sales.

    If you’ve got a product that people are desperate for, you can insult them all you want. It goes to how much the person wants the product and how much credibility you’ve got.

    The question is, would you go back to buy a product from the person that just insulted you if you were buying a non-essential product. Probably not.

    The rich jerk has made a nice payday from this book and that is the bottom line for him. Let’s see how he does on subsequent products.

  5. Good point Monty, that’s going way too far. I haven’t seen anything like that. What I have noticed a jump in are the rebate offers and the types of ppc ads displayed. I haven’t come across nasty sales pages like that – thankfully.

  6. I purchased the ebook a couple of weeks ago and was totally excited about it. Everything he says seems to make sense and be absolutely doable. However, I too read over it several times and picked up on some things I had missed the previous times. But my problem is transferring everything in writing to hands on, because I have no experience doing anything like this ever before. His information link is bogus, there is no support. I definitely feel ripped off. People, don’t waste your money like I did.

  7. Sorry to hear that Tina, but thanks for leaving your note. I think it’s important that people who aren’t very experienced online *do not* purchase this ebook.

    I’m not a pro by any means, but as I noted in my original blog post:

    Who shouldn’t buy this ebook:

    Fresh newbies in town. There’s no hand holding here. It’s not hyper-technical stuff, but you really won’t have a good feel for the material.

    It’s not a good idea for people new to this stuff to buy this ebook.

    Tina did you request a refund? Is there still time for you to do so?

  8. I also purchased Rich Jerk ebook when the price was still $97. There are many info I already knew in it but I liked his writing style and the information. because there are also several ideas I didn’t know in it.

    Well, when I’ve read about the price went down to $47, I thought I wish I could wait until when the price went down to $47.
    But it’s okay because I could earn extra income using one of Rich Jerk’s idea within 3 weeks and it was really enough to cover the investment.
    I’m sure many readers are also making money using his ideas , not only me.

    There are several ideas I didn’t like in his ebook like using rebate, and also risky stuffs.
    Now, everybody is selling his ebook ( also other clickbank products) with rebates everywhere.Free bonus is good but I’m wondering is that idea ( rebate) make them rich ??? I don’t think Rich Jerk is offering rebate for his business.

  9. miho I also noticed more people offering free independent tools and software if people bought through them, not just cash back. I think that’s a great idea too. Selling to fellow marketers is a tough sell and the competition so fierce that you almost do need some ‘bonus’ to get them to buy through you.

  10. I bought his book last night and am kind of overwhelmed. I am new to all of this, I am just looking for income to support me through college along with my part time job, unless it becomes really profitable. I’ve been trying all the get paid survey and email sites, but I don’t think it is going to pay off, I need some kind of guidance. I am more confused with the terminology than anything, it is like a completely different language. I don’t know where to begin, but I know once I get started and I understand there is no stopping me, I have more ambition than you can imagine!!! Any kind of help would be greatly appreciated!!!

  11. Ryan The Rich Jerk is not a good choice for people new to earning online. I’m not sure what level you’re at in terms of web development (do you know how to build websites?), but some solid information can be found in these resources:

    Affiliate Masters Course
    This is a free course to help newbies (and a nice refresher for anyone more experienced). It guides you from start to finish. How to pick a website subject, how to find affiliate products, things like that. It does recommend buying and using the SiteSell services, but you certainly don’t have to go that route if you don’t want to.

    Nothing but ‘Net by Michael Campbell
    Free ebook

    WordTracker’s Keyword Research Guide
    To earn money online, you have to have traffic. WordTracker is a tool you can use to find out how much traffic a subject or theme or product could potentially bring. There’s no use building a site around a topic where there’s not much interest – therefore no traffic (if your desire is to earn money). This is a link to WordTracker’s guide that will show you how to use their keyword research tool.

    If you don’t know how to make websites, you can try Google’s free blog service. Easy to setup – easy to use and you’ll have your own blog up in minutes. You can then monetize with affiliate products or adsense if you like (read the masters course first).

    You’ll also want to learn as much as you can about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) so you can draw as much free search engine traffic as you can, but you also want to build quality, bookmarkable websites that people will return to again and again as well as recommend your site to others.

    Some SEO resources:

    EZSeo Newsletter
    Free newsletter on seo and marketing related topics. This link brings you to the first part of his Building Affiliate Sites Miniseries

    This isn’t free, but it’s the most well respected and complete seo book that I’ve come across. The price is very reasonable as well.

    None of the links above are affiliate links and all but one are free, so I don’t make any money recommending them to you – but I do believe they’re a good start for anyone wanting to earn online. It’s a list of resources I’d give to a friend.

    Big learning curve, but it’s fun and you’re always learning something new :). You don’t need to spend a big pile of cash – I’d stay away from any and all big purchases right now and just focus on learning the basics.

    These are just the tip of the iceberg for a solid, long term plan. It takes commitment and time to build quality and value. I don’t do the ‘get rich quick stuff’ so I can’t help you with that if that’s more what you’re interested in.

    Good luck!

  12. The rich jerk can be a useful read for those more advanced but I agree with Terry. It is not for those newer to affiliate marketing. Good resources you have listed for newbies to get started Terry, that is a solid list. Also forums are quite a good resource for newer people and you should review the ones Terry has on her bookmark page. I check it out frequently myself.

  13. I forgot to add that I agree no one should be making big purchases when they first get started. It’s much much better to get a good idea of what’s involved and learn as much as you can first. You may discover that affiliate marketing is not a good match for you. You will also find many people circling wanting to sell you something because you are new. Just take your time learning first and give yourself time to really understand what’s involved. This will help you in the long run.

  14. Thanks a lot guys, I really appreciate the help! It is nice to get info from people that are not trying to suck u dry and rip u off!! I will come back when I have gotten the hang of things and tell u how I have done!! Thanks again!!!!

  15. You’re welcome Ryan and I hope you do come back and let us know how you’re doing :).

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