The Value Affiliates Bring To The Web

A couple weeks ago I was thinking of buying a copy of Lotus Organizer 6.1. Try doing a search for that online and see what you find. Now filter that search down for a canadian buyer (I live in Canada btw).

*What A Freakin Nightmare*

Can you see the difference? How easy it is for an american to scoop up a copy in 5 minutes – and what a disaster it is for someone shopping in Canada. Experience has shown me that if doesn’t offer something, ding – you’re outta luck. You may find something at or, but they’re even more limited than amazon. – forgeddaboutit. is great – for bath towels.

I did finally scrape down to a computer store located in Ontario that sold the software online, but they wanted something like $170 Canadian for it. I can get a copy for $83 US. Check the conversion rate here:

Yahoo Currency Converter

Since I’m not a dumbass I aint paying that.

If I was really motivated to buy this software, I’d have to do some phone calling and some fancy footwork around the city I live in (pop. 200,000) to see if I could get my hands on it.

I’m not that motivated. πŸ˜†

I also looked at having it shipped from the U.S., but the few shops I checked didn’t ship to Canada. Struck out on ebay too.

After this latest frustrating Canadian buyer experience of mine, I read this:

In Search of the Elusive Canadian Online Buyer

Canada E-Commerce

A quote from the first link:

“Canada is a country one-ninth the size of the US; yet in 2005 Canadian consumers will spend only $4.6 billion online Ò€” less than one-thirtieth the amount spent by US consumers,” says Mr. Grau.

As someone who has spent money online for the past decade, I’ll tell you why the numbers are so low.

Canadians can’t find stuff to buy. We can’t find enough quality places to buy from. There just isn’t much on the web catering to us.

As an affiliate marketer, what are you finding out there for physical products to promote? I’d guess 90% of it is working with the american market. Canadian merchants with affiliate programs in place do exist, but there’s nowhere near the selection or the quality.


Easy to find something to buy online if you’re in the U.S. Not-so-easy if you live elsewhere.

Note to Google: Perfect example why affiliate marketers are not the enemy – ecommerce suffers when we’re not around πŸ˜‰

PS: To the canadian computer store based out of Ontario – take the damn online poker text link out of the navigation menu and off your freaking store’s website.

*Not Impressive*

Good grief – can you believe it? πŸ˜†


I've been trying to find my way online for more years than I care to admit.

One thought to “The Value Affiliates Bring To The Web”

  1. I totally understand where you’re coming from . Being a fellow Canadian – it’s not easy… to find things online that sell to Canada – or are in Canada. Like you said if you do find something online – the selection/quantity is too low.

    I also have a bone to pick about Affiliate Programs that won’t let people who live outside the US be apart of their programs (probably due to legal mumbo-jumbo)… but PLEASE! The Internet is a global entity… it doesn’t matter where you are – you can sell to anyone.

    *enough ranting* πŸ˜›

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