Yoohoo – I’m Back

I have to confess I wasn’t offline 100% – I mean, who could pull that off? πŸ˜†

I’ve been mainly doing some maintenance and upkeep work on my sites (gah I so don’t want the directory submissions to get backlogged!), but I did have a nice break from ‘all this’.

I’ve been setting up a few changes for myself as well as looking at my work priorities lately. It hasn’t been pretty.

Here’s my new routine (simplified):

First thing – take care of all directory and article submissions, check stats and clean up any kind of maintenance work.

Get some exercise (see note below)

Build new pages

Link build

I realized I’m spending far too much time just piddling around. Keeping up with all the blog and forum reading, posting here (yes I actually spend time with my posts :lol:), and getting distracted with non-productive things.

There’s only one way I’m going to make any significant kind of money online. It’s by working on my sites and building traffic. Simple. It’s not rocket science and it isn’t accomplished by fritzing and fartsing around online.

My new exercise routine and why it has to happen:

It’s my birthday tomorrow and I asked for a treadmill. My computer chair butt *has got to go*. It’s not attractive and I’m tired of dragging it around. I’m also getting to an age (38) that exercise and activity are important. I mean I don’t want diabetes, I don’t want to be plugged into dialysis and I definitely don’t want to stroke.

My eating habits are *terrible* (fast food anyone?), drink loads of coffee, pop and chocolate gets inhaled by the pound. If you have bad eating habits and *zero activity rate*, things aren’t going to go all that well. Oh – I smoke too.

I’m not interested in ‘exercise’. At all. I hate sweating and being dizzy and out of breath (:lol:). My real life job entails sitting -12 hr shifts btw. And I sit when I’m online at home, lots of hours there too. No wonder the computer chair butt!

So I was thinking *treadmill* was my answer. From Walmart, something low key but will get the job done. Walking – I can do that! Here’s what my husband brought home for me:


Good grief! :lol:! This thing is expensive, I HAVE TO USE IT!

I cut my smoking in half the past year or so by not smoking in the house at all and by smoking 1/2 a cigarrette at a time. I love smoking and I really don’t want to quit altogether, but it’s not good for me and I *really* hate the idea of willingly throwing more cash at the government (cig taxes). I’m thinking if I try to get into the habit of jumping onto the treadmill instead of out for a quick smoke all the time, I can cut my smoking down even more (I’m about 1/2 a pack right now).

Now today is the first day I’ve been able to use the treadmill, and it was only for 15 minutes (*omg I am so out of shape*), but I had a good heart pump going and I noticed immediately that it gives me a big boost and I’m not so slow tackling my work. I’m gunning to dig right in.

I discovered I’m going to kill two birds with one stone!

I’m going to trim down this body, get a little healthier, AND give myself a real gung ho boost that will affect my superaff work online.

Sweet. πŸ˜‰


I've been trying to find my way online for more years than I care to admit.

2 thoughts to “Yoohoo – I’m Back”

  1. Oh how I can relate to that…. I think I’m all of the above – except the smoking (as tempted as I was… I just couldn’t afford the habit :P) Good luck with your exercise routine – you’ll be feeling great in no time!

    … and HAPPY BIRTHDAY! πŸ™‚

  2. Hey thanks Empress! Not only for the birthday greets but for letting me know I’m not the only bad-habit person in town ;). Things are going good on the treadmill, but it’s only day 4. I’m really feeling the difference already, I hope I keep this up. It’s all good.

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