Free Powerful Tool For Success: Determination

If you advance confidently in the direction of your dreams, and endeavor to live the life which you have imagined, you will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.

Henry David Thoreau

I’m really not much of a ‘think positive and you will make it happen’ kinda gal. I mean if all it took was positive thinking to make things happen, we’d have world peace, no child would starve, and there’d be prosperity for everyone. Yes positive thinking is important to me, but it’s not the magic pill IMO.

I do believe in the power of determination. But I also think that sometimes you could be determined in the wrong things, so determination doesn’t guarantee a darn thing either :lol:!

Affiliate marketing seems to *just happen* for some people. Flick a switch and BAM, they’re making thousands a month. I read those posts and blurbs and think ‘wth?’. Those stories partly inspire me, and another part starts to question myself.

Am I focusing on the right areas? Are my goals inline with my abilities? Are my clown shoes just a tad too big?

For those of us who don’t find affiliate marketing success overnight, determination is a must. When I get baffled at the fact that my stunning abilities haven’t made me a million yet, I remind myself to be thankful.

Can you imagine if affiliate marketing was *easy*? If making rivers of cash flowing online took no more effort than gum chewing?

We’d be swarming in a mud pile of hundreds of thousands of people (millions even!) competing with us. *Everybody* would be doing it. And our share of that cash pile dwindles from a slice of pie to a crumb.

Learning the ropes of affiliate marketing is a test of determination. How committed are you? How willing are you to teach your old dog self new tricks? How open are you to new opportunities, new methods, new ideas and techniques?

The days of throwing up a banner or two and making a mad stash of cash are over. Affiliate marketing involves more today than it did 2 or 3 years ago. It’s hard to get those eyeballs on your website, hard to show the search engines who’s boss and harder to get eyeballs to whip out their credit cards while clicking your aff links.

And yet knowing how hard all this jazz is, I’m still very much determined. Very committed. And somehow just know that I’ll find my way yet on the web.

And that’s a very *weird* thing for me. To have this quiet determination that’s been stringing me through months and months and hours and hours, many all nighters researching and coding and copywriting and keyword research and google swearing (patooey).

I normally would lose interest miles and miles ago! πŸ˜†

But .. Then … There’s … Progress

Progress. Higher Earnings. Encouragement.

We’re Hooked! πŸ˜†

You know what? I really do hope everyone reading this does find what they’re looking for, whatever that is. If you find your determination only leads you to ‘failure’, remember that failures aren’t *really* dead end disasters, they’re just signposts leading the way to the real deal.

Kinda like stepping stones.

That’s what I believe.



I've been trying to find my way online for more years than I care to admit.

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  1. I was wondering if my clown shoes were too big too lmao. I needed this right now thanks Terry.

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