Massive ID Theft Ring Discovered, Culprit? Spyware!

Seriously, how any company, merchant or affiliate manager anywhere in the world ever thought that spyware was a useful, friendly neighborhood marketing method – should be shut down, locked up and tarred and feathered for good measure.

This is what we’re now reaping from the development and whitewashing of that fantabulous spyware crappola:

Massive identity theft ring

In some recent research into a spyware exploit, our research team has discovered a massive identity theft ring.

We also found the keylogger transcript files that are being uploaded to the servers.

This is real spyware stuff—chat sessions, user names, passwords, bank information, etc. We have confirmed that this data is valid…

Identity Theft Update
Massive ID Theft Ring Discovered


Officials at Sunbelt Software, a Clearwater, Fla.-based vendor of antispyware tools, said the company stumbled upon a massive ID theft ring that is using a well-known spyware program to break into and systematically steal confidential information from an unknown number of computers worldwide.

How disgusting.


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