Gmail’s Getting Packed Again

I’m back up to around 70 newsletter subscriptions (:lol:), but I’ve really done a good job separating the wheat from the chaff IMO. I catch up on my newsletter reading once or twice a week – no problem keeping on top of them because THESE ARE NOT those lame – sales – stalking – close – to – spam – my – good – buddy – has – a – brand – new – must – have – million – dollar – tool – crap – only – 24 – hours – left that we all have been exposed to from our friendly neighborhood “you-know-who” marketers.

I’m not saying the ones I subscribe to now don’t offer a service or recommend anything, but it’s not the non-stop daily or 3 times a week harrassment for every latest, greatest tool or ebook, ya know? Just nice and neat correspondence. That’s the way I like it.

Would you believe I actually *look forward* to my newsletter reading time now? Rather than feeling like I need to chain up my credit card because some guy I don’t even know is always grabbing at it. Or feeling like I’m just wasting time because all I did was skim and delete email crap.

Here are three newsletters that are newer for me and that I don’t think I’ve suggested here yet:

The Bob Silber Letter
*I love the feature “You Be The Judge – What Would You Do?” – provides important information on various aspects of Internet law and what you should know when doing business on the Net.

ProofRead Now
*Word of the week, grammar tips

eMarketer Daily
A daily report of the marketing world

One of these days I’ll put together the monster list of all the newsletters I subscribe to. A nice mix of everything – all kinds of great stuff.

I’m really glad I took time to be brutal and cut out the nonsense, unsubscribed from all that noise and took the time to enjoy and find the solid gold stuff.


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