What Is Your Dream For Affiliate Marketing?

I just freaked out my husband.

cackle cackle

I called him on his cell to tell him: I love you. That’s it – just that.

Unfortunately – I don’t do that enough. So why today? It’s our wedding anniversary – 19 years (we married FAR TOO YOUNG). He’s not sure what’s going on, but he’ll figure it out at some point today. hehe

Now if that doesn’t tell you something about my patience and determination, I don’t know what will :lol:.

But today reminded me of why I’m involved with affiliate marketing. Some people are doing it because it’s a challenge and they love it (me too), some people do it in the hopes of a better life, some try it to put food on the table. Lots of dreams and desires.

What’s my motivation?

My goal is to one day (the sooner the better) turn to my husband and say:

Stop working so hard. Sell the business. Live on the golf courses. Enjoy. And thank you for being so committed and working so hard for us.

It’s true. That’s what drives me.

I’m hoping it ‘happens’ before he hits 99 :???:.

Enjoy your day.


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