This Week’s Summary Blast

Lots of great reads that caught me eye this week:

Scraper Sites are Good for You – Surrender Your Content
*Ok this is so true – one scraper site sent me so much *sweet* targeted traffic – they outdid goog itself. Mind you – I was pretty low in goog’s rankings :lol:. The scraper traffic lasted about 2 months or so – then was never found much in my referrer logs again.

The Link Building Mother Lode
*:shock: Big list of stuff here

Why Yahoo! buying Konfabulator is more than just about widgets

Google Adsense Tips, Tricks, and Secrets

Google Adsense Forums, Blogs and Resources

Writing Secure PHP, Part 3

Springer Forum Marketing- The Shock Value That Attracts Eyeballs

The Importance of Clickthrough Rate (CTR): Has it Changed?

Sneaky javascript trick results in suspended publisher account

Link Building by Buying Web Sites

Google Purges Scraper Sites

Oodles of Favicons

Mr. Ploppy’s Monday Morning Tool List Volume XIX – Link Development Tools Revisited

Have a great weekend!


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